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Save 20% on LANDR Mastering

LANDRLANDR mastering has changed the face of production and their new app for Mac puts the power of LANDR right into your Studio One workflow.  To help you discover the LANDR app, they’re offering 20% off all LANDR subscriptions to PreSonus customers. If you add that savings to an already discounted yearly subscription, you’ll save nearly 50%.
Based on sophisticated artificial intelligence, LANDR detects the genre of your track for custom-tailored mastering. That means no presets and no overcompression, just great sound, instantly. This offer is only valid until December 24th, so don’t wait to jump on it.


Mac Users: Get Started with LANDR (and Save) by Following These Steps:
  1. Download the LANDR app (Mac only)
  2. Open the app and create an account
  3. Enter STUDIOONE20 in the coupon code field when choosing your subscription
  4. Return to the app to login and start mastering!


Windows Users can also save on LANDR Subscriptions:
  1. Create a LANDR Account
  2. Enter STUDIOONE20 in the coupon code field when choosing your subscription



DigiMax DP88 – A Legend Remade

The DP88 is here!

Introducing the DigiMax DP88—an 8-Channel A/D/A Converter with remote controllable preamps. The DP88 is the perfect compliment to PreSonus’ Studio 192—among other interfaces.

Learn more here.


PreSonus Holiday Specials for December 2015

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday at a close, we’re proud to announce PreSonus Tuesday! We’ve got a couple of new discount offers for you to close out the new year—and we’ve extended a couple of favorites that we had running last month. Check it out:Lo_price_iOne_300x250_11-30-15_Nee01

First up, the AudioBox iOne has had its price permanently dropped to $89.95 USD. This is the ideal portable recording interface for guitarists, and should stuff cozily in most stockings size 12 or larger. Pack it up, take it with you, and record your best riffs directly to your iPad. You can then wirelessly transmit your recordings to Studio One on your main computer for mixing and editing. This is not a rebate, so there’s no proof or purchase required.

Speaking of rebates, we’ve got a new rebate going on the iOne’s bigger Brother: the iTwo and iTwo Studio have a $10 instant rebate this month. The iTwo works just like the iOne, but offers two XLR/1/4″ combo jack inputs to work with, allowing you a bit more connective versatility. If you’re looking for a single-purchase combo pack that includes everything you need to be recording on Christmas morning, check out the iTwo Studio—you get the iTwo interface, Studio One 3 Artist, an M7 microphone, and HD7 headphones—plus all required cabling. As an instant rebate, there’s no hassle with rebate forms.Lo_price_iTwo_300x250_11-30-15_Nee01

We’ve also extended our existing Black Friday StudioLive AI Rebates until December 31—this year, Black Friday lasts over a month! Can you believe it? Our award-winning StudioLive AI mixers can now be had for the following post-rebate prices in the USA:

  • StudioLive 32.4.2 AI: 2299.95
  • StudioLive 24.4.2 AI: 1899.95
  • StudioLive 16.4.2 AI: 1599.95


Furthermore, don’t forget that we’ve got a couple other offers that are carrying over from November until the end of 2015:

  • The StudioLive 16.0.2 is down by a couple hundred dollars to $899.95 in the USA.SL_AI_Rebates_300x250_11-9-15_Nee01
  • The AudioBox Music Creation Suite price is down by $50 to $249.95 in the USA.


Both of the above are also instant rebates—cash on the table, at the register. Or credit in the account, at the laptop for those of you who aren’t of the brick-and-mortar persuasion.



Black Friday 2015 Deals from PreSonus

Hey, we love you guys, and ’tis the season for giving back, so check out these Black Friday deals. FUN FACT: Black Friday lasts nearly a week this year, from Nov. 23—30. While these are no doubt exceptional offers, they were once exclusive offers. See, we actually had a proper naughty-and-nice list, but Rick lost it somewhere. So, with no list with which to hold the naughty accountable, we’re jolly to instead extend these offers to all of our customers in the USA.

  • StudioLive AI Console Mixers: our flagship product line has been ​reduced to their lowest prices ever, only for Black Friday Week:
    • StudioLive 32.4.2AI: $2299
    • StudioLive 24.4.2AI: $1899
    • StudioLive 16.4.2AI: $1599


  • Studio One 3 Professional: Warm up by stuffing your stocking with Studio One 3 Professional, and get the Channel Strip Collection Add-on for free! It’s usually $79.99.
  • AudioBox iTwo Studio: Includes an interface, mic, headphones, and Studio One Artist, and all necessary cabling. Everything one needs to get started in music production and recording. Price dropped down to just $199.
  • AudioBox iOne: Just $79! Record in sterling quality to your iPad, then zap your tracks over to your main computer for mixing and editing. Includes Studio One 3 Artist for exactly this purpose.
  • Eris E4.5s: Tremendous little studio monitors with a small footprint. Great for apartment or bedroom production setups. You can get a pair for $149, down from $249.95.


To find a dealer in the USA, click here.


Paul Wright and Studio One

PaulinNashAfter starting his career more than twenty years ago, Paul Wright finds himself with a trophy case of accomplishments. A multi Grammy, Dove, and Stellar award winner and nominee, Wright has worked on over 200 records as a writer, producer and composer. He’s been fortunate enough to work with the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Donnie McClurkin, Fred Hammond, Gary Chapman, AsOne, Disney and many more. His film and television projects include: Made In America, Preaching to the Choir, Full House, and Martin—where he co-penned the theme song. Through his career, he’s held titles at Benson Records, Verity/Zomba, Harborwood/Zomba/BMG, and Nuspring/EMI. He’s currently the CEO of 360MusicWorx/Capital Christian/Universal Music.

We recently asked him about his experience with PreSonus and Studio One. With his years of experience recording and producing music, Wright knows what tools work best for him.

“Studio One came to my life when I knew I wanted to switch DAWs,” Wright says. “I was a longtime Pro Tools HD user and at that time I had a commercial facility. One thing that bothered me with most DAWs I was using was that they were NOT composition friendly. There’s usually a learning curve that kills the creative process because of the number of steps it takes to do the simplest of tasks. I found myself wasting time figuring out how to make the DAW do what I wanted—I spent more time clicking buttons than actually being creative and making music!”

After making the switch to Studio One, things were different—almost overnight. “Everything instantly became more productive for me on many levels. Composing, production, recording–it was a life changer.  I found myself turning out projects more quickly and easily.”

When it comes to why Studio One is the best for Wright, it all comes down to quality and speed. “First and foremost? Audio quality. I found myself getting my work to sound great in less time using less plugins and processing,” Wright asserts. “As a composer and producer that uses many virtual instruments, the ability to get my MIDI converted to audio quickly was huge for me! Now in Studio One, the expanded Arranger features are killer, as well as the Scratch Pad. I also noticed that the mastering features were exactly what I needed, and in several cases have mastered many projects right in Studio One.”

Wright’s attempt to create an ideal workflow by using multiple DAWs was not void of challenges. “I used Pro Tools, Nuendo, and Studio One all at the same time, utilizing each of them individually to get what I was after,” Wright recalls. Nuendo was my mix platform, Pro Tools was for converting sessions coming in from other musicians, and Studio One was for everything else.” After completing an A/B test regarding sound quality, Wright found Studio One and Nuendo on top.

Wright suggests that “the only downfall for Studio One versions 1 and 2 was the mix features and the inability to easily connect them to other controllers.” He goes on to say, “I found that working with the SSL Matrix as my main console and controller, it wasn’t working the way I had hoped. However, with the recent release of Studio One 3, it looks like my SSL is working better than ever and I am loving what I am seeing”

Wright closes with a challenge.

“Studio One has changed the game for me personally, and is worth checking out if you haven’t already. I would challenge anyone regardless of the DAW they currently use, give Studio One a shot and watch it change the way you make music!”


Give As One a listen here.

PreSonus LIVE airs today: Accuracy Defined—What’s New in PreSonus Monitors

Join Justin Spence as he takes us on a tour of the latest monitoring offers from PreSonus: the R Series monitors and the Eris MTMs! He’ll also talk about monitor setup and monitor controllers like the Central Station and Monitor Station.

TUNE IN AND WIN! We’ll be giving away a pair of Eris MTM monitors and a Monitor Station!




Jake Owen: on the Road with PreSonus!

Jake Owen is in the enviable stage of his career where he can work with whatever gear he wants. As such, we’re flattered that he’s taking a complete PreSonus recording rig on his tour bus that includes Studio One, Sceptre Monitors, ADL preamps, and much more. Any musical idea that his band has during impromptu jams can be recorded right on the road, without needing to stop in a recording studio!

For more on Studio One, click here.



PreSonus LIVE: Accuracy Defined—Free webcast with Prizes Nov. 19, 2pm CST

Join Justin Spence as he takes us on a tour of the latest monitoring offers from PreSonus: the R Series monitors and the Eris MTMs! He’ll also talk about monitor setup and monitor controllers like the Central Station and Monitor Station.

TUNE IN AND WIN! We’ll be giving away a pair of Eris MTM monitors and a Monitor Station!

Register on Eventbrite to receive an e-mail reminder on the day of the show. Click here to watch on Thursday:


Thursday, November 19, 2015 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (CST) Add to Calendar


Willem Rebergen, AKA Headhunterz, Chooses Studio One 3

willemCNN recently reported that “Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a $6.2 billion industry” and “the fastest-growing music genre out there.” Through cult-like followings on social media, hundreds of worldwide festivals, radio airplay, and collaborations with pop artists, EDM artists continue their foray into and beyond the mainstream.

One of these artists is Willem Rebergen, better known to his 172,000+ followers on Instagram as DJ Headhunterz. Rebergen kicked off his career in 2006 as a DJ and music producer, and quickly grew into one of the biggest names in the industry, recently performing at several major festivals, including Electric Daisy Carnival and Tomorrowland.

After eight years making hardstyle music, Rebergen was ready to tackle a new challenge. “Right now I’m translating my signature sound to something a bit different from what I used to do but I don’t necessarily want to settle in a single genre anymore,” he states. “I want to feel free to go where my heart wants to go. Everything changes—and so does my personal taste, so listening to that is the only way for me to keep tapping into my full creative potential. Who knows what I might make tomorrow?”

We recently chatted with Rebergen about where he wants to take his music, his creative process, and working with Studio One. “I have been using Studio One for about two and a half years now and I am currently on version 3,” Rebergen states. “I make EDM, so I would say I use Studio One for composing and sound designing. I basically use it for anything necessary to produce a song.”

A longtime Logic user, Rebergen was turned on to Studio One by a recommendation of a very wise friend. He was immediately hooked. “I had been on Logic for years, but became unsatisfied with the lack of development of the software since Apple bought it. I felt it got behind compared to other more forward-thinking companies making DAWs,” he asserts. “I tried Ableton but that wasn’t exactly what I was looking for either. I was excited to give Studio One a go—I’m always eager to test new software, I’ve always been kind of a nerd, honestly. Looking for the next thing that improves workflow or sound quality. Studio One immediately felt natural to me, it really didn’t take me long to get used to, and I think especially for people coming from either Logic or Cubase it will feel very intuitive right away.” 

“When I started using Studio One, I was very happy to feel back in control of my audio editing. The cutting tool felt very “direct,” and I loved the slip editing tool which I didn’t have before. Automation was as tight as it could get, and very quick and convenient—which was also one of the reasons for my switch. That is how automation should be! When you make electronic music I often want to be very surgical with drawing in automation, and Studio One simply allows for this at all times, even under the pressure of latency-inducing plugins. Latency compensation is always on point!”

Another feature that made me fall in love with Studio One was Track Transform. It’s so much more flexible than in any other DAW that I know of, and opens up a whole new spectrum of working with content that otherwise would be literally frozen and untouchable.

“Furthermore, I have been working more quickly in Studio One than ever before. The browser changed my way of working completely, and motivated me to create a perfect personal library where all my hard work is stored and ready to put back into action. When I create a sound in a soft synth, I create a Musicloop by dragging it into my browser. This saves not only the synth preset, but also the MIDI sequence and effect Plug-ins. It even lets me play a preview when I select it in my browser, so I know exactly what I’m about to drag into my project. I could not think of a more convenient way to browse through my self-made sounds.”

“All of these functions have made it possible for me to feel much more creative while being in the actual creative process, and not being pulled out of it by having to search endlessly for that particular sound I’m looking for, or having to work around functions that are not doing what I want.”

“I also create a lot of macros to improve my workflow, I’m totally in love with the new arranger and scratchpad function which allows for me to be much quicker and intuitive when arranging my songs without making a mess.”

As a full-time producer, Rebergen’s working knowledge of Studio One runs deep. When pressed for workflow details, he’s much more open than many of his peers. “I recommend that Studio One users make full use of the Browser and the Musicloops,” he opines. “When I finish a song, I completely undress it and save all sounds I made in the form of channel presets, Musicloops, and audio files. With every song I make, my library expands—and whenever I’m in the creative process I can recall any sound I am looking for without having to get into sound designing or endlessly searching through sample libraries. I make sure that every sound I save in MY library is on point, so they rarely need a lot of tweaking to fit into a song and I can just get on with concentrating on the creative part.”

He’s also taken advantage of using other, prehaps modest applications in conjunction with Studio One to accellerate his already blazing workflow. “I keep an app open alongside Studio One called Sticky Notes. I type down all my newly-made key commands—yes, I constantly make new ones! I then force myself to use them all the time so they become a natural part of my workflow. Customizable key commands make everything so much quicker, and Studio One allows for using them for almost anything.”

“Studio One invites us to have the best workflow we have ever had,” Rebergen continues. “I can’t believe I had been able to keep up with making new songs in the total mess I was working in when I used Logic. With every update, PreSonus puts out come fantastic new features which shows that the team is eager to keep pushing forward. They actually listen to what users want, and notice what users have been missing out on while working with other software. Coming from Logic, Studio One  it gave me much better audio editing, better automation, more overview, a better overall workflow. I could keep going…”

And going he is. Rebergen has his hands in a lot of different projects apart from his own. “Currently, I have a collaboration out with R3hab called “Won’t Stop Rocking” on Spinnin Records. Other songs I have released this year are: “Live Your Life” with Crystal Lake and “The Power Of Now” with Steve Aoki. And, of course, some solo tracks, as well.”

Rebergen closes with a shout-out to the PreSonus krewe. “Team PreSonus has the perfect mindset to create the perfect DAW. In my opinion it already is the best DAW out there, and it’s going to get even more awesome, I’m sure. I’m beyond grateful to have Studio One in my life!”



6 Free Studio One 3 Tutorial videos, plus monster Groove 3 discounts in November 2015

Wow, Groove 3 is getting a jump on Black Friday with some crazy deals, including on some excellent Studio One 3 training packages.
Check it out, they’re offering the following.
  • ALL downloads at half price
  • 1 year All-Access Pass discounted from $150 to $99
  • 2 year All-Access Pass for only $175
  • or a 3 year for only $225.

Check out their video courses via the links below. Each has a couple of freebies to get you hooked. If you like what you see, sign up! They’ve also got tons of non-Studio One related stuff worth checking out, too.

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