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Behind the Scenes of the New PreSonus Headquarters

On April 30, 2015, we formally christened our new headquarters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with one heck of shindig.

This video, screened at said shindig, contains  a selection of interviews with some of the luminaries who had a hand in the creation of our new home, including Mayor Kip Holden, architect Scott Ritter, and more—along with some of the regular cast of PreSonus characters. There were a few architectural challenges inherent in peppering a few office spaces around a world-class recording studio core, but the team really pulled it off.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible. This is a great home.

30 Day Worship Sound Tools #22: 10,000 Hours

Doug Gould of WorshipMD talks about time investment: how many hours a week are you actually mixing?


For info on the StudioLive AI digital mixers, click here.

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Don’t Think Twice, Just Listen to the Darn Bob Dylan Tribute.

This Saturday, WUMB’s “Local Folk” program For the Sake of the Song will celebrate Bob Dylan’s birthday by airing excerpts from last month’s Tribute to Bob Dylan concert. The show will also feature interviews with the performers and more behind the scenes material. The show will be streamed live at at 1:00 p.m. EST on Saturday, 5/24/14.

Patrick Coman of WUMB says, “PreSonus users might be interested to know that we recorded the concert running both stage and room mics through the StudioLive 16.4.2. The guys at the studio did a bit of clean up of the raw audio and then I used the StudioLive and the Studio One software to record and edit voice overs and production of the raw audio into our final segment.”














#ThrowBack Thursday: Retro PreSonus Marketing—Feel the Vibe

Way back in the year 2000, we had a string of ads centered around the mantra of “Feel The Vibe.” Originally titled “Feel The Vibe, Man, Because it’s Totally Gnarly,” we had to make some cuts so that it would fit on the back of our badges. Such decisions were much more difficult for us in the pre-Twitter era.

Like Apple’s 1984 Mac ad or Budweiser’s Spuds McKenzie, advertising has remained forever changed in a post-Feel the Vibe world. FtV explored the nexus of split-complimentary color theory and Chris Columbus’ 1990 masterwork Home Alone through the lens of surrealist laminate. More importantly—it asked us to examine these qualities within ourselves.  14 years later, it still does.

30 Day Worship Sound Tools #21: Fixed EQ

Doug Gould of WorshipMD talks about the use of a Fixed EQ on the StudioLive AI digital mixers.

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30 Day Worship Sound Tools #20: Graphic EQ

Doug Gould of WorshipMD talks about how to take the best advantage of the Graphic EQ on your StudioLive AI digital mixer.


For info on the StudioLive AI digital mixers, click here. For more from Doug Gould and Worship MD, click here.

Drum & Bass Clinic Coming up at Music Inc of Louisiana in Gonzalez, May 24, 2014

Local to Louisiana? Looking to up your rhythm section chops? Look no further than Music Inc. of Louisiana in Gonzalez. This Saturday, May 24, James Cook and Kent Slucher of the Luke Bryan band will reveal some of their gifts of groove to an appreciative audience. Plus, you might win a killer Aguilar Tone Hammer pedal, just for showing up—Come on down!

Click here to visit the Music, Inc website for more info!













30 Day Worship Sound Tools #19: The Inverse Square Law

Doug Gould of WorshipMD gets a little technical regarding the inverse square law, and how it applies to your microphones and speakers.

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SL Room Control Now Available!

Hey StudioLive AI PA Loudspeaker owners, we thought you would like to know that SL Room Control is available now for Mac and Windows. It’s free. The iOS version will be available soon.

Click on over and log in to to get the latest firmware update for your StudioLive AI PA loudspeakers, which will unlock their full power via SL Room Control! SL Room Control provides wireless access to a suite of professional system-alignment controls for customizing each StudioLive AI-series speaker on the network to compensate for room anomalies, create delay systems, eliminate feedback, and more.

To get SL Room Control, simply log in to your account and download the installer for SL Room Control, as well as the firmware update required for your speaker(s) to connect to it. Once you’ve updated the speakers’ firmware, you’ll be able to take advantage of SL Room Control. Have fun!

Oh, and here’s a video on the StudioLive AI Loudspeaker firmware update process. It’s easy.

Click here for the full press release.



Mid-May Promo Wrap-up: Save on PreSonus gear!

We’ve got a metric tonne of cool deals going on, and we figured we’d give y’all a little reminder of our current offerings. Click any of the links below to get more info and take advantage of these deals—while you still can, of course!