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Great news! Rational Acoustics’ SMAART is now included with StudioLive AI consoles and will be coming to RM-series mixers via a free update to Universal Control coming later this month. To celebrate, we’ve decided to give away a free PreSonus PRM-1 measurement microphone. All you have to do is buy any StudioLive AI console or RM-series mixer between June 1, 2015 and July 31, 2015, send us the proof of purchase and fill out the little form linked below, and we’ll hook you up with the PRM-1, a $99 value. This offer is available worldwide.

In case you didn’t know, SMAART is a technology that allows a StudioLive user to measure acoustic properties of a room that may be troublesome during a live performance and compensate for them—before the show has even started. For example, some boxy rooms can be responsible for a boomy, indistinct low end during concerts. A little bit of preventative SMAART will keep this from happening. You’re also able to notch out feedback, phase-align speakers, and much more.

So, what’s so great about the PRM-1? Well, for starters, it’s the optimal microphone to use for room measurement with SMAART, as it boasts a flat frequency response and narrow dynamic range. As such, the PRM-1 is not recommend for traditional studio recording, but this makes the PRM-1 shine as an analytic tool, as it’s optimized to respond accurately to test signals like pink noise. (Joe Meek fans are still welcome to go nuts with it.) Just shoot a room with test noise, while the PRM-1 is listening. SMAART compares the noise coming in from the PRM-1 and compares it to the original noise waveform. Discrepancies between the two are artifacts of the room’s acoustics—which can then be used by SMAART to make EQ and alignment tweaks.

Pair the PRM-1 with the StudioLive AI Mixers and SMAART. You’ll be able to achieve wondrous feats of techno-wizardry in the venues where your work. And it will sound so good, you might even drum up some repeat business.

Get the .PDF form for this offer by clicking here.


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FSL_AI_Rebate_Digital_Flyer_4-20-15_RR03rom now until June 30, you can save up to $500 on the StudioLive 32.4.2AI and StudioLive 24.4.2AI. There’s no rebate form to print out only to lose it under the seat of the car, no clipping of UPC barcodes. Just buy a mixer and you’ll save enough money for a new TV right at the register. Probably not a 4K TV, but a TV nonetheless.

(Incidentally, we’re also offering a $200 rebate on the StudioLive RM16AI. You can read more about that by clicking here.)

The StudioLive 24.4.2AI just won a prestigious MIPA award, and several publications have been singing its praises of late. And thanks to a recent firmware update, the StudioLive AI Console mixers playvery nicely with our RM-series rackmount mixers—you can connect the two via a simple CAT5 cable and sell your clunky old copper snake to some dork on Craigslist. (Click here for the RM Applications guide for more on that.)

Pick one up, save a few hundred bucks, and experience remote iPad control, Active Integration, and massively powerful onboard effects. You’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Click here to find a dealer!

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The SL-AVB-MIX card for StudioLive AI console mixers is coming soon!

This will allow you to connect a StudioLive AI console mixer at front of house to a StudioLive RM rackmount mixer onstage, allowing you to use it as a stage box—eliminating the need for an obnoxious, heavy snake. Ray is happy to show you how to hook it all up, as well as answer some frequently asked questions.

And, until April 30—if you buy a StudioLive RM or StudioLive AI mixer, we’ll add the option card FREE! Click here for more details on that.

We expect the SL-AVB-MIX card to be available early to mid April, 2015.

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Shed_the_Snake_Digital_Flyer_2-25-15AVB Networking between StudioLive AI consoles and StudioLive RM mixers is now a reality, and to celebrate, we’re offering a limited-time deal: Own both a StudioLive AI Console and an RM Series Mixer by April 30, 2015, and you’ll get the SL-AVB-MIX Option Card FREE, which would typically set you back about three hundred bucks. If you’ve already got one of the two mixers, get the other and you’re qualified for this deal!

But that’s not all you’re saving—you’re also saving on future medical expenses by preventing damage to your back incurred by lugging around a monster copper stage snake. Those days are over. Furthermore, consider the following applications that open up to you when you get your StudioLive RM rackmount mixer talking to your StudioLive AI console mixer—with the option card, you can connect any StudioLive AI Console to any StudioLive RM Rackmount mixer.

  • Replace heavy, noisy analog copper snake with a single Ethernet cable
  • Adds a complete monitor mixer on stage
  • Control the StudioLive RM mixer’s preamps from your StudioLive AI console mixer at FOH
  • 16 more Aux mixes
  • Separate Fat Channel processing and reverb/delay FX from FOH
  • FOH can source inputs from the local analog, FireWire, or remote RM mixer
  • Stage RM mixer can source inputs from the local analog or remote FOH mixer
  • Linked Talkback, Scene save and recall
  • Simple one-step connection takes care of all default routing and setup


If you have questions, and we understand if you do, click here to download an informative and attractive info sheet and FAQ. [PDF]

This offer is available worldwide and ends April 30, 2015. Save your receipt, and click here to download the redemption form and allow about eight weeks for delivery.



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PreSonus offers you a full solution for jazz band rehearsal and recording. Take a look at how the Louisiana All State Jazz Ensemble takes advantage of the StudioLive AI family!

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David Gibbs is the Executive Director of The Blue Devils, the best drum and bugle corp in the world. They’ve come to rely on the StudioLive AI digital mixers as well as the StudioLive AI PA Loudspeakers.

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multioffer2AudioBox Stereo Rebate: Customers in the USA can save $50 on the AudioBox Stereo until Oct. 31, 2014

From now until Oct 31, 2014, customers in the USA can save $50 on the AudioBox Stereo! This all-in-one recording solution contains everything you need (even cables!) for quick’n’easy stereo recordings that won’t sacrifice quality in the name of convenience. It’s ideal for recording rehearsals and performances in schools, churches, and studios—or wherever else your imagination takes you!

You get:

  • An AudioBox USB interface
  • Studio One Artist DAW
  • HD7 monitoring headphones
  • a pair of PS626 small-diaphragm condenser microphones
  • all necessary cables and mounts

You don’t get:

  • Rebate forms to fill out. no fuss, no muss. Just easy savings!


StudioLive AI Price Drop! We’ve dropped the price of the StudioLive 24.4.2AI to $2799, and the 32.4.2AI to $3499!

Our incredibly powerful flagship mixers have had their prices dropped for good! The StudioLive 24.4.2AI and 32.4.2AI jsut got their prices slashed by $200 and $500, respectively.

Worth noting is that the StudioLive AI line recently had a great firmware update that added CASCADING! If you’re interested in getting 64-channels of multitrack recording for under $7,000, grab a pair of 32.4.2AIs. And if you need fewer channels, know that any AI mixer will cascade to any other AI mixer—mix and/or match! To install the new firmware, log into your account at

And if you’re still wondering “Why AI?” Watch the video below for some answers.

So whatcha waitin’ for? Spring?


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In one of the best PreSonus LIVE episodes ever, Justin Spence and Wesley Smith take user questions about the latest firmware update for the StudioLive AI Mixers, which added the cascading feature.

Cascade any StudioLive AI Mixer to any other StudioLive AI Mixer and boost your mixing power!

Get the firmware update by logging into your account at

For more on the StudioLive AI Mixers, click here.

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SLsA firmware update for the StudioLive 32.4.2AI, 24.4.2AI and 16.4.2AI mixers has been released to the web! You’ll need to log in to to get it.  

In this release is a New Feature!

As of firmware version 1.0.5436, the StudioLive AI mixer line will have the ability to cascade two mixers together to create one large mixer. Start with a 16.4.2AI, 24.4.2AI, or 32.4.2AI, then cascade a second StudioLive AI mixer of any frame size to create custom-sized mixing consoles with the hardware and software advantages of StudioLive Active Integration™ systems.

For full details on this update, please click here to download the PDF.

For troubleshooting your cascaded mixer setup, click here.

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StudioLive AI Price Drop!

September 1,2014

SLAI-Price-Drop_300x250_06_26_14_RR02Short and to the point: We’ve dropped the price of the StudioLive 24.4.2AI to $2799, and the 32.4.2AI to $3499! Our August rebate offer was such a hit that we thought “What the heck? Why limit it? Everyone seems so happy!” So, there you have it. The StudioLive AI Mixers are cheaper now. No rebate paperwork or similar bureaucracy.

Worth pointing out here is that soon, you’ll be able to cascade ANY two AI mixers to combine their channels—and that’s not all. Cascading mixers functionally creates a single large-format console with full recording and remote-control capability by simply connecting a FireWire 800 cable between the two mixers. For example, combine two StudioLive 32.4.2AI to get a 64-channel system with 32 mix buses that can record 80 simultaneous streams and play back 66 on any FireWire 800- or Thunderbolt-equipped computer. You can get a 64-channel recording mixer for less than $7000.  Click here to learn more about that.



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