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Zombie Apocalypse Strikes PreSonus!

It’s a shame our guard alligator program was cut from the budget this year; we may have stood a chance against the oncoming zombie horde. Now that we’re all dead we know better. Fortunately Studio One 2 survived!

PreSonus Studio One 2: Comping

PreSonus Studio One 2: Pitch Correction with Melodyne Integration

PreSonus Studio One 2: Project Page Enhancements

PreSonus Studio One 2: Track Management

PreSonus Studio One 2: Transient Detection and Editing

Editing the Sermon: Making the Sermon Sound Better

Editing the Sermon – Adding a Bumper using Studio One

Editing the Sermon – Project Page in Studio One

Editing the Sermon – Rendering a Wav with PreSonus Studio One