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Introducing the StudioLive Flex DSP Update!



Big news for StudioLive Series III mixer owners—get ready for some dramatic improvements to your mixer in the new StudioLive FLEX DSP update!

This update, which will be released next week, consists of:

  • Universal Control 3.0
  • UC Surface 3.0
  • StudioLive Series III Firmware 2.0
  • Capture 3.0
  • QMix-UC 3.0
  • Studio One 4.1.4


Once you’ve installed the above, here’s what you’ll get:

New in StudioLive Series III Firmware 2.0:

  • You’ll be able to place Fat Channel compressor and EQ plug-ins on every output bus simultaneously (this is in addition to every input channel supported in previous firmware)
  • Scenes will be updated to improved Project/Scene workflow
  • Ten highly customizable User Profiles with deep custom permissions settings
  • Fader response now 50% faster
  • Screen updates more than 70% faster
  • Screen touch response 90% faster
  • Scene loading up to 75% faster
  • Increased USB and AVB channel counts: 128 (64×64) via each USB and AVB

Note that this update WILL restructure your existing scenes—be sure to back them up before installing the update! Click here for instructions on how to do that.


New in Capture 3.0:

  • Export a Capture session from your computer for SD Card playback on a Series III console mixer
  • Import and export AAF files for compatibility with other DAWS
  • New metering options including Peak/RMS meter, adjustable RMS and VU-Hold time to better fit multiple various use cases
  • Channel color syncs with Series III mixers
  • Updated user interface with light and dark modes for better viewing in different environments


New in Studio One 4.1.4:

  • This is a simple maintenance update to add compatibility with the above mixer features


New in UC Surface 3.0:

  • Added support for all the amazing new features listed above!


Click here for Firmware update instructions.


Questions? Check out this series of videos from Ray on all the new stuff.



StudioLive Flex DSP Update—Auf deutsch

Großartige Neuigkeiten für alle Besitzer von StudioLive Series III Mixern – macht euch auf einige dramatische Verbesserungen im neuen StudioLive FLEX DSP Update gefasst!

Dieses Update, welches wir in ca. einer Woche veröffentlichen werden, enthält:

  • Universal Control 3.0
  • UC Surface 3.0
  • StudioLive Series III Firmware 2.0
  • Capture 3.0
  • QMix-UC 3.0
  • Studio One 4.1.4

Sobald diese Updates installiert sind, erhaltet ihr folgendes:

Neu in StudioLive Series III Firmware 2.0:

  • Es wird möglich sein, Fat Channel Kompressor- und EQ-Plugins auf jedem Output-Bus gleichzeitig einzusetzen (zusätzlich zu jedem Input-Channel, was bereits durch die vorherige Firmware möglich war)
  • Szenen werden zugunsten eines verbesserten Projekt- / Szene-Workflows aktualisiert.
  • Zehn hochgradig anpassbare User-Profile mit tiefgreifenden, individuell abgestimmten Zugriffsrechten
  • Fader reagieren jetzt 50% schneller
  • Szenen aktualisieren mehr als 70% schneller
  • Reaktionszeit des Touch-Screens um 90% verbessert
  • Szenen laden bis zu 75% schneller
  • Erhöhte Anzahl von USB- und AVB-Kanälen: 128 (64×64) sowohl via USB, als auch AVB

Bitte beachtet, dass dieses Update bereits existierende Szenen NEU STRUKTURIEREN wird – Bitte lege für diese ein Backup an, bevor das Update installiert wird! Hier klicken, um die Backup-Anleitung zu lesen.

Neu in Capture 3.0:

  • Es ist jetzt möglich, eine Capture Session vom Computer zu exportieren und via SD-Karte vom Series III Mixer abzuspielen
  • AAF-Import und -Export für Kompatibilität mit anderen DAWs
  • Neue Metering-Optionen, inklusive Peak/RMS Meter und anpassbaren RMS- und VU-Hold-Zeiten für bessere Abstimmung mit verschiedenen Anwendungsszenarien
  • Kanalfarben-Synchronisation mit Series III Mixern
  • Aktualisiertes User Interface mit Light- und Dark-Modi für bessere Lesbarkeit in unterschiedlichen Umgebungen

Neu in Studio One 4.1.4:

  • Dies ist ein Maintenance-Update, welches die Kompatibilität mit den oben aufgeführten Mixer-Features ermöglicht.

Neu in UC Surface 3.0:

  • Bietet Unterstützung für all diese fantastischen neuen Features!

StudioLive just got SWEETER – Price Drop on StudioLive Console Mixers!

The Price is RIGHT!

Now while supplies last, enjoy significant savings on all StudioLive Console Mixers! Note that regional pricing will vary slightly, but the below are the savings in USD.

Mixers included in the price drop:

  • StudioLive 32 – SAVE $300!
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  • StudioLive 16 – SAVE $200!

Everyone is talking about the StudioLive Series family, including MIX Online:

“…extremely user-friendly. Having two hands on big, accurate faders for every layer of a mix and brightly illuminated buttons to guide the way was pretty luxurious. If you are looking for an all-in-one console, interface and control surface, this is a really impressive option.”

The price drop is available WORLDWIDE!

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Universal Control 2.10 available now!

We’ve had quite a few software and firmware updates in public beta for a while, and now all of those updates are part of our Universal Control 2.10 public release… available now! This update adds 44.1 hKz sample rate support for Studiolive Series III Rack and Console mixers. We’ve also enabled HUI/MCU DAW Modes in the Console mixers—HUI for Pro Tools and MCU optimized for Logic.

Get Universal Control 2.10 here!

Additionally, this Universal Control update adds support for the just-announced Studio Series USB-C interfaces, a firmware update for the ATOM pad controller.

Be sure to update your StudioLive mixer to the latest firmware. You can get product-specific firmware updates by logging into your My.PreSonus accountInstructions for updating SW5E, NSB, or EarMix 16M firmware will be displayed when downloading the firmware file for each product from your account.

New In This Release:
  • MCU/HUI support for Series III Consoles
  • 44.1kHz support for all Series III mixers
  • NSB and EarMix 16M firmware update – Adds 44.1kHz support, as well as indicator light workflow improvements (light will no longer change from green to blue unless AVB clock is locked)
  • Adds support for Studio 1824c, Studio 1810c, Studio 68c, Studio 26c, Studio 24c
  • Firmware update for ATOM

Version Information


  • StudioLive Series III (all models) – v1.10.15552
  • NSB 16.8 – v1.1.0.15533
  • NSB 8.8 – v1.1.0.15534
  • EarMix – v1.1.0.15533
  • SW5E – v1.0.0.15447

Supporting Software:

  • Universal Control (Mac/PC) – v2.10.0.50756
  • UC Surface (iOS/Android) – v2.10.0.50756
  • QMix-UC (iOS/Android) –  v2.6.0.49920
  • Capture (Mac/PC) – v2.4.0.50756

Notable Bug Fixes In This Release:

  • Android permission issues for UC Surface and QMix-UC now fixed
  • UC Surface – Series III mixer Aux Ins, Tape In, and Digital Return now show up in all Mix Views
  • StudioLive Series III – Rack Mixer now gets Dig Gain Trim when another network mixer has exclusive preamp permission over the Rack Mixer
Please see the UC 2.10 Release Notes for further details.
As mentioned above, there is a new workflow for the indicator light on our NSB and EarMix products:
   Red – Unit is powering on
   Green – Unit has booted up, but is not synced to an AVB clock
   Blue – Unit is synced to an AVB clock
This new workflow should aid in troubleshooting clocking issues on an AVB network with NSB and EarMix by indicating not only when the unit has AVB stream(s) connected to it, but also if its AVB clock is synced.

Cyber Monday DEAL – $200 OFF FaderPort 16, $100 OFF FaderPort 8!


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Buy a StudioLive Series III Mixer (console or rack), get the Classic Studio Fat Channel Bundle for free ($249 USD value)


If you’ve been on the fence about getting a StudioLive Series III Mixer, you should know there’s never been a better time than now. Until the end of 2018, StudioLive Series III Mixers (both console and rack versions) include the Classic Studio Fat Channel Bundle, a $249 USD value.

StudioLive Fat Channel Plug-ins work in both your StudioLive Series III mixers AND Studio One. They’re state-space modeled after real vintage hardware and sound like the genuine article. The only thing you miss out on is paying eBay prices for old dusty hardware that will likely have a few expensive issues to work out.

All you have to do is buy a mixer and register it to your account at, and we’ll add the downloadable Fat Channel Plug-ins to your account.

Here’s what you get:


Check out this video series to see and hear the Fat Channel Plug-ins in action!

30% off Fat Channel Plug-ins, November 2018



November 2018 only… Save 30% on Fat Channel Plug-ins for StudioLive Series III mixers and Studio One! 

Fat Channel Plug-ins work in both StudioLive Mixers AND Studio One. These plug-ins are virtual signal processors that load in your StudioLive Series III console or rack mixer’s Fat Channel, expanding your Fat Channel processor library much like plug-ins do in a DAW. Each plug-in comes in both StudioLive Series III format and Studio One format so you can use your new processor in both mixer and DAW Fat Channels.

PreSonus Fat Channel plug-ins are state-space modeled by world-class engineers with Ph.D.’s in analog signal processing to faithfully produce the sound and response of the original hardware processors. Now you can have a wide variety of fresh DSP for live and studio sound. No other mixer anywhere near this price class has expandable processing—only PreSonus StudioLive Series III.

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FREE Carrying Bag with Purchase of AR Hybrid Mixer!

What’s better than an AR Mixer? An AR Mixer in a FREE custom bag! From now until September 30, 2018 score a FREE, incredibly fashionable tote bag when you buy a StudioLive AR Hybrid Mixer! (Offer excludes the AR22.)

Our friends at Audio Technology  reviewed the AR Series last year and had this to say:

If you’re looking for an audio interface, and are considering ever moving it off your desk, the AR series is definitely worth considering!

Take it off your desk, into your bag and with you wherever you go!

Interested? Find a dealer in your area and take advantage of this deal! You won’t be disappointed.

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This offer is available worldwide. Offer excludes StudioLive AR22.

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Universal Control 2.6 released—DAW Mode, Digital Patching, and more!

Universal Control 2.6 has been released. Click here to get it!

Be sure to get the latest firmware update from your account to access these features! 

New in This Release:

  • Digital Patching now available on all Series III Mixers
  • Official Studio One DAW Mode Support for Series III Mixers
  • EarMix support in Series III Mixers
  • Improved Series III Console DCA Filter Group creation and editing workflow
  • Improved Series III Console Mute Group creation and editing workflow
  • New Traditional DCA option for Series III mixers

Check below for a great new series of videos from Ray discussing the latest in UC 2.6!

Click here for the full release notes.

Join our community of PreSonus users on the PreSonus Answers site for information and product support. While you’re there, don’t forget to vote for your favorite feature requests.
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