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Steve Morse on the FireStudio Mobile and ADL 600

Steve Morse from Kansas AND Deep Purple has played a few shows in his day. Steve’s chosen the PreSonus FireStudio Mobile for his recording needs. Here, he shares a bit of insight on his reasons for the decision.

Incredible Live Looping from Ian Ethan, Recorded via FireStudio

[This just in from PreSonus Artist Ian Ethan, who just sent this amazing clip of his fine loop-built composition, tracked in a SINGLE PASS with some help from his FireStudio Mobile and ol’-skool FireStudio!]
Hey PreSonus! I wanted to pass on this new video we just finished.
We recorded this live in one pass through a Firestudio 2626 linked to a Firestudio Mobile. My setup has been completely re-designed recently, but we’re still using both of those for every live performance and recording session.
They are nearly impossible to see in the video, since they are buried underneath my loopers and other equipment, but they are permanently installed on my pedalboard and have been not just awesome, but totally essential for what we’re doing… literally every signal from the live instruments and the loopers pass through the interfaces at least twice. The routing flexibility is key!

The Infinite Race from Ian Ethan on Vimeo.

#TeamPreSonus Spotlight: Johhny ‘TheMuzic’ Geib!

[We decided it best to give some recognition to our more vocal advocates—and what better way than via a blog series?]

Who are you, where are you, and what do you do?

My name is Johnny Geib and I live in Wheeling IL, 24 miles northwest of downtown Chicago. I work 3rd shift for a company contracted by the IL Tollway to do maintenance and systems support of their Toll Collections systems. 45+ hours a week and never a dull moment. Part time, I run a home-based recording facility for both clients and my own music, and have been doing so for more than 25 years. I started out with a 4-track Tascam, then a Fostex Open Reel 8 track, graduated to a VS2480 in 1998 and Akai DPS24 a year later.

How were you introduced to PreSonus?

I was a Cubase\Nuendo user from 2003 till I discovered Studio One 1.0 when I bought a Firestudio Mobile. I used the FS Mobile with Cubase and a FaderPort till I upgraded to Cubase 5. The update was a disaster and put me out of business for a month. That’s when I remembered the free copy of Studio One Artist that came with my FS Mobile. Since I had to get something done while I waited for tech support to get back to me, I installed Studio One Artist and was totally blown away. I was recording and mixing within an hour and saved two clients that were ready to walk because of the delay. From that point, I never looked back and purchased Studio One Professional that following Friday. I have been a PreSonus fan boy since. And now, with PreSonus making studio monitors, my studio is about 95% PreSonus!

What PreSonus software/hardware do you use and for what purpose?

Well, not sure you’ll have room for this list in the blog but here goes: Studio One 2.5.2, Capture, Monitor Station, FaderPort, Audiobox 22VSL, AudioBox 1818VSL, Studio Channel, FireStudio Tube, FireStudio Mobile, HP-60 headphone amp, Eris E5 monitors, two M7 mics, two SD7 mics, three HD7 headphones, DIGITube and a StudioLive 16.4.2!
What’s so great about PreSonus, anyhow?
Presonus gear and software together just works!!! If you have Studio One, you know ANYTHING PreSonus will work with it. There’s a template or a preset for everything. Nearly zero setup time, great tech support and simply the best users forum in the universe. PreSonus’ techs actually read it and even post solutions for anyone having problems with any PreSonus gear and software. I’ve had the pleasure of attending a PreSonuSphere conference and actually sat down with several PreSonus staff members and they are simply the greatest collection of people that I’ve ever met.
Where can our readers learn more about you online?
My main website is where I train people how to setup their own home studios (and yes, Studio One is the main DAW) and many of my own songs, all recorded and produced in S1, can be found at
Lastly, My Twitter ID is @JohnnyThemuzic. Thanks for the opportunity to share this! You can find me on the Studio One forums with the “Bat” avatar as themuzic!

Halocene: PreSonus-Powered From the Garage to the Warped Tour

Halocene has been using PreSonus since their first purchase of a FireStudio years ago. Of late they’ve picked up a StudioLive console, a Eureka, and Studio One Professional 2… and in-between they’ve opened for Jimmy Eat World and Blink-182.

Lesson learned: You don’t need to be signed to a major with world-class studio access to open for a band who is. Just get some PreSonus.

Oh, also be sure to write good songs and be young and enthusiastic. That helps, too.


PreSonus Artists BREAKERBOX Release New Single “Summertime”





BREAKERBOX opening for SEETHER at The Harbor, Buffalo, NY 7-12-12

Rock outfit Breakerbox (Christina DeNee and Scott Calandra) collaborated with producer Chris Baseford (Rob Zombie, Tommy Lee, John 5) on their brand new single “Summertime,” recorded at Tommy Lee’s Atrium Studios.  “Summertime”  is available on August 14 exclusively on and on iTunes August 28th.  Breakerbox  reveals a behind-the-scenes video chronicling the recording of the song today (August 10) on YouTube.  See “Summertime” video here.

“Breakerbox is a talented, hardworking band and being able to dive into the studio with Scott and Christina was an absolute pleasure,” said producer Chris Baseford. ” ‘Summertime’ is going to blow some minds.  We were able to create a heavy, aggressive yet melodic, hooky sound which a lot of people are going to dig!  Can’t wait to finish the rest of the new songs in the works.”

Summertime,” is a departure from their darker debut album These Are Strange Days and captures the feeling of driving around in the summertime with your crush and just having fun.  Don’t let them fool you…the Breakerbox signature sound of hard driving guitars, integral rock drumming , unique funk synth work and DeNee’s powerhouse vocals are all there to prove #RockisAlive!  Even Tommy Lee praised the song when he messaged the band from the Motley Crue Tour giving them his rock stamp of approval.

“We are in a totally different place, a different mindset than at the time we recorded These Are Strange Days — it was in the midst of a bad Buffalo winter and we felt like we were on a little dark island,” said Christina DeNee. ” ‘Summertime’ was recorded in the middle of a Southern California summer, it is uptempo and reflects how we feel’s a bigger, bolder rock sound and we weren’t afraid to take some chances.”

Adds Scott Calandra, “We have surrounded ourselves with great collaborators and players ,and with Chris, were able to take our music to a new place.  We truly are enjoying the fact we have found our sound and others get it and want to be a part of it.”

In addition to recording new material, the Buffalo, NY natives recently fronted a sold out show with  Seether  at the famed “Thursday at The Harbor,” concert where over 10,000 people were in attendance, the biggest turn out ever for an opening band in the history of the venue.  More dates coming soon.

Listen ::  Summertime
Listen :: These Are Strange Days
See :: Summertime Teaser Video
More Info :: Breakerbox.TV

Press Contact:  Lisa Vega / / 213.247.3075 /

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