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Briana Tyson and Nimbit

[Briana Tyson graced us with a song or two during Summer NAMM…  completely impromptu! It turned out to be an exceptional opportunity to not only showcase Nimbit, but also be blown away by Briana’s performance! Briana’s take on the entire experience follows.]

It was my first time ever at summer NAMM. Walking around, seeing all the different booths filled with guitars, recording equipment, microphones, and everything else a musician could think of was getting me so excited I could hardly stand it. Not long after being amongst the amazingness, I came across a booth that instantly grabbed my attention. Now, I had heard of the company PreSonus before, but never had a chance to check out their equipment, and MAN was I impressed!

After being shown the incredible soundboards they had at their booth, I noticed the stage and the iPhones setup with QMix that they had attached to headphones out in front. I asked Rick Naqvi if they would let me perform and test out their live recording, and he was kind enough to let me do a couple songs!

While I performed, PreSonus demonstrated StudioLive Remote live mixing and I was blown away! The software they produce is so incredible, user friendly, and quick! I was in amazement at how simple it was to get a great live recording mixed and ready to post on your Nimbit account… Which leads to my next point.. The awesome world of Nimbit.

This site was brand new to me, but instantly upon getting the grand web tour, I was hooked. This site is basically everything an artist needs for music and merch sales all rolled into one! It’s so easy to set up an account, and post your songs and merchandising online. I have it linked up directly to my Facebook as well, which is INCREDIBLY convenient. All my fans can access my Nimbit store right on my Facebook page!

One thing with this site that stands out to me and sets it heads above the rest is the different promotional offers this site has built in. As an artist, you want to keep in contact with your fans via e-newsletter, to keep them updated with what’s going on; and as a consumer, it certainly is cool to get free stuff! So Nimbit has an option that allows anyone who signs up with their e-mail to get a free song download! It’s a really cool way to share my music, and to basically give my fans something back for supporting me. It’s fabulous.

All in all, I have had such a wonderful experience since I have been working with PreSonus and Nimbit. Any touring artist absolutely should NOT be without either of these fabulous musical amenities. Both PreSonus and Nimbit have bumped my music career up to the next notch, and have made promoting my music so much easier. So glad to have come across the PreSonus booth at NAMM.

PreSonus, Nimbit, y’all ROCK!

Dactah Chando, Jahcoustix, Guido, and the StudioLive 24.4.2

[Check it out! This just in from Guido of Dactah Chando and JahCoustix. He took the time to illustrate his complex stage plot and in-ear monitoring setup using the StudioLive 24.4.2! Guido plays keys and wrangles the monitor mixes for his bands.]

Hi PreSonus!

I just played on the biggest festivals this year in Germany and everybody looked at me because I have a PreSonus StudioLive… U can imagine if U play with a band on a festival stage in front of 100,000 people, the technicians are very very professional on stage… But, i prefer to work with my StudioLive 24.4.2… and they make big eyes because our soundcheck was done in 8 minutes! 🙂

I have a couple of different bands I use the StudioLive Mixers with:

Jahcoustix & Band
My Equipment list:
Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2
Korg Kronos 76
Korg M3 64
Korg R 3
Selfmade Buttkicker
Buttkicker Amp
6x Sennheiser In Ear Systems
2x Sennheiser wireless Vocal Mics
2x Sennheiser Vocal Mics
Compact Monitors In-ear monitors
I play keys and do the monitor mix for all musicians. 6x stereo in-ear monitors.
5x stereo with the 10 auxes and the Control Out is my in-ear way on faders. I have the possibility to hear under the solo button all different in-ear signals.
On Aux 11 I use a small Plate reverb (1.5 Sec)
On Aux 12 I use a long Hall revern (3.9 sec) for timbale.
Dactah Chando & Band
My Equipment List:
Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2
Oberheim MC1000
Korg M3 64
Korg R 3
Miditech 2 MIDI keyboard
Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop
Cubase 6 with a lot of synths and plugins… I use it for sequencing and sounds
RME Multiface
Emagic MIDI Interface 8 x 8
Selfmade Buttkicker
Buttkicker Amp
2x Sennheiser in-ear systems
I play keys and do the monitor mix for all musicians. 6x stereo in-ear monitors.
5x stereo with the 10 auxes and the Control Out is my in-ear way on faders. I have the possibility to hear under the solo button all different in-ear signals.
On Aux 11 I use a small Plate reverb (1.5 Sec)
On Aux 12 I use a long Hall reverb (3.9 sec) for timbale.
On Aux input I use a click and i mix it to all musicians. We play every tune on click!
My current project is an studio album with German hi-class pop and indie artists… We chose 14 number one hits, and I remixed it with my reggae style. Release Date is 17.08.2012. More soon!

An Update From Randal Walker

[The below comes to us from Randal Walker, PreSonus Artist and worldy drummer extraordinaire. He’s charting on Steve Oliver’s new CD “World Citizen!” His correspondance follows.]

Greetings all, just wanted to send a quick update. I recently played drums on smooth jazz artist Steve Oliver’s new CD World Citizen, which just peaked at number 11 on Amazon’s Smooth Jazz charts. On the hit track “Watching the World,” I recorded my parts at my home studio using the StudioLive 16.4.2 into Capture and edited it in PreSonus Studio One.

Back on the road with Craig Chaquico this week, first up is Walnut Creek CA then we fly out to Kona, Hawaii!

[Thanks Randal! Excited to see the track climb! Onward and upward…]

StudioLive 24.4.2 on Tour with Chickenfoot and Ace Baker

I triple-dog-dare you to find a better picture of Ace Baker.

It makes sense to me that a SuperGroup like Chickenfoot would warrant a SuperEngineer like Ace Baker. Ace recently wrapped up a 21-show tour with the Satriani/Haggar/Anthony /̶F̶a̶r̶r̶e̶l̶l̶ / S̶m̶i̶t̶h̶ / Aronoff combo, and the StudioLive 24.4.2 was there every plucky step of the way.
“Chickenfoot used the StudioLive 24.4.42 to record every show of their recent US/Canada tour,” says Ace. “They’re planning to use tracks that were recorded on the recent tour for an upcoming live album.”
Ace Baker is intelligent and handsome, as well as being a longtime PreSonus advocate. Ace will also be a featured speaker at this year’s PreSonuSphere, which will be held at the…
…holy crap, we need to start prepping for that!

Dr. Hot Licks’ New E-Book!

John Taylor is a new-ish PreSonus Artist and is the Guinness-recognized Fastest Guitar Player in The World.

He wanted to let the PreSonus community know that he’s got a new e-book out. it’s called “Be the Fastest Guitar Player in the World,” and you can view a preview and (ideally) purchase the book at DrHotLicks.Com on the “online lessons” page.
Taylor’s shrednum opus weighs in at a hefty 101 pages,  is rife with high-quality up-close photos of fleet fingers, and is backed up by a solid fifty megs of performance MP3s!

It’s a serious endeavor that the man has been focusing on for a while now… shredders take note!




Dr. Scardo’s Latest Opus Everything’d in Studio One!

PreSonus Artist Dr. Scardo just wrapped the video for their new single, “END OF THE WORLD!” This track was recorded, mixed, and mastered  entirely in Studio One. We hope it’s not really The End of The World, despite Mayan prophecy, because we’d like to see and hear more Studio One productions. And also because apocalypses are a total bummer.


Avery Watts presents “The Takeover”

PreSonus artist Avery Watts recently unleashed  “The Takeover,” a dynamic, strikingly produced record that serves as a sort of rally cry to all things Watts. High-volume rock and shouted vocals are all tempered by lush arrangements, staggering track counts, and orchestral (!) elements that place the record a standing broad jump forward from its Rapcore origins. Further cementing the hardworking DIY mindset of its creator, “The Takeover” is also a solo record in the truest sense—Avery played nearly every instrument represented here!

It’s hard to imagine anything that could sound simply bigger than this amalgam of stadium rock grandiosity and lion-hearted hip-hop bombast, but on first listen one realizes: here it is. If the intended effect is to make the listener feel a little closer to Watt’s stature, (6″5′ of hard-working, resistance-training, clean-living alpha male rock stardom) than The Takeover’s mission is accomplished.

Regarding Avery’s choice of PreSonus gear in the studio, he says:

“In studio, I’ve found the Studio Channel, BlueTube DP, TubePre and HP4 to all be invaluable tools. The simplicity and warmth of the tube preamps makes for an excellent source signal that is compact, easy to use and won’t break the bank – not to mention they’re as reliable and constant as any device could possibly be. I end up using them for vocals, tracking guitars and even mic’ing auxiliary percussion. I tend to use the Studio Channel primarily as a DI for strings such as the Violin, Viola and Electric Cello. I even keep a TubePre and an HP4 with me wherever I go for recording on the run; you never know when inspiration is going to hit!”

Find “The Takeover” on Amazon and iTunes.

PreSonus StudioLive and Ace Baker tour Europe

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