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BLACK FRIDAY: Studio One 50% Off


It’s the discount you’ve been waiting for! Take 50% off of Studio One. This offer applies to all editions of Studio One 3: Artist, Professional and upgrades.

Some other details you ought to know:

This offer is available worldwide and ends 11/28/16.

This offer does not include crossgrades or EDU pricing. The good news: crossgrades actually have a different offer going on just now, click here for more info on that! If you’ve been thinking about adding Studio One to your existing workflow, this is the best possible time!

  • Correria Rap Hip Hop

    Muito obrigado. Thank you very much.

  • Ik-sung Choi

    I bought it November 28, and service center refunded 50% via paypal. Thank you for your concerning.

  • Barbara-Ann Reid

    Thanks. The Sales Department contacted me and they will refund me the 50%.

  • Jorge Garcia Melian

    Presonus has contacted me to inform that I’ll have 50% refund. Thank you!!

  • The promo code entry field is in the last step of the checkout process. E-mail us at and we will help make it right. 🙂

  • Thanks, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

  • Please contact us at and we will help.

  • The coupon code entry field is in the last step of the checkout process. Please contact us at and we will help make it right. Thanks!

  • When did you make the purchase? If it was not during the Black Friday sale (November 21-28) then you cannot take advantage of the sale price.

  • Please contact us at and we’ll make it right!

  • Please e-mail us at and we’ll fix it. Thanks!

  • Send us an e-mail at and we’ll take care of you. Thanks!

  • Jorge Garcia Melian

    I also upgraded from Studio One 2 to version 3, but couldn’t introduce the promo code anyhwere. I wrote to the technical support on Friday in order to fix it but they told me this should be managed by the sales team on Monday. I just post it here here just in case. Invoice #83236119.

  • Ik-sung Choi

    Hello, I upgraded my studio one 2 to studio one 3 professional without black friday 50% promotion. Can I refund and buy the upgrade pack discounted price?
    In addition, where’s the text box for coupon number?

  • Anthony Chop

    I just purchased Presonus Studio One 3 Professional and did not have an opportunity to put in the PRESONUSBLACK50 code at checkout. The system invoiced the full price of $399. My invoice # is 99756154, will you please credit my account. I will wait to see the credit before I download it. Thank you, please let me know if you have any questions on 253-249-7588.

  • Kieran Hooker

    Hello there. Today I purchased Studio One 3 Professional through the presonus website. Though when I was going through check out there was no option for me to put in the PRESONUSBLACK50 coupon code to receive the 50% off deal you have running for Black Friday? Is this a technical error on the website and can I have the other 50% refunded to me please? Thank you for your time

  • annegresloon

    hi I just purchased pro version upgrade from artist but the activation screen was loading for so long so I closed it.. I went to my account online I have the purchase invoice but don’t know how to activate my artist to pro.. please help..

  • Correria Rap Hip Hop

    Happened to me too. Thank you.

  • Joseph Valdez

    Good morning.

    I’m still waiting for their response but when I called their support number the recorded message said they were not available until Monday.

  • Correria Rap Hip Hop

    Good Morning
    Presonus has already positioned itself.

  • Correria Rap Hip Hop

    Good Morning.
    As you did? Could you help me buy it on Black Friday, but I did not put the coupon and I ended up paying the full amount.

  • Correria Rap Hip Hop

    Please. I just made a purchase, did not put the coupon number and did not coisegui the discount. I want to can and buy at a discount. Help me. Thank you.

  • Correria Rap Hip Hop

    I bought Studio One 3 Artist today and did not see anywhere within the web page to enter the promo code to receive the black Friday discount. After the purchase I went back and checked again and the promo code seemed to appear after the browser refreshed. I created a Presonus support request asking for an adjustment.

  • Joseph Valdez

    I upgraded from Artist to Pro today and there was no way to put the code. I thought it would prompt for a code after the ‘submit’ button was sent but it did not, and charged me the full 299 price. I would like to see if they will adjust the price. If not i will have to cancel.

  • Swayzie Rock

    I bought Studio One 3 Artist today and did not see anywhere within the web page to enter the promo code to receive the black Friday discount. After the purchase I went back and checked again and the promo code seemed to appear after the browser refreshed. I created a Presonus support request asking for an adjustment.

  • Amin Belbeisi

    If the 50% off offer is not valid for Europe then I’m OK with that. Just would like it clarified because I cannot imagine that the regular price is €765.60 (that’s over $800)! Sorry PreSonus, but almost 3 days without a reply is not what I call customer service (and yes I am a Presonus customer). I’ll stick to Cubase and FL Studio. Thanks

  • Łukasz Kawałek

    Can I buy upgrade to S1 Pro when I’ve bought my S1 Artist with Nektar Impact LX49?

  • Henrik Skovsgaard Geertz

    Can I buy thje Ampire metalpack with 50% off???

  • Just got the email today – they are going to refund me 1/2 and give it to me at sale price 🙂 It says it will take about 5 days to hit the account. Thanks for being an awesome company 🙂

  • Barbara-Ann Reid

    Hey. I just bought Studio One Artist and I had to pay full price. There was no way to put in the promo code. Unfair. 🙁

  • J Davon Carter

    I just bought professional on the 20th. Do I get the discount, I paid full price

  • Roy Lowery

    Ok, I have Studio One Pro. Sorry… However on my Mac I just downloaded the latest “upgrade” to see if I was going to like it. That was about 20 days ago. How should I proceed with that “upgrade” installed?

  • Tim

    How can you buy from the UK? I want to get the cross grade offer but nowhere seems to have it.

  • Amin Belbeisi

    The Black Friday Studio One Professional is being offered for €382.80 (in Austria). I found it for €222 on Amazon Germany. Could you please explain the pricing/saving. Thanks

  • Sorry to hear it. Sign into your account at and get your activation code for whichever edition you purchased. Then, in Studio One Prime, enter your activation code in the “Studio One Activation” menu.

  • Hey Roy—the producer edition was discontinued after Studio One 2, so I’m not sure which version you’re referring to. You can get your crossgrade here:

  • Yep!

  • Donald Miller

    I bought this several hours ago, and I’ve been trying to get it installed ever since. I had the free version, Prime, on my computer. Now, no matter what I do, Prime keeps opening instead of Professional. I’d like to use the product I paid for.

  • Roy Lowery

    I updated from Studio One 2 Professional to a Demo of Studio One 3 Producer. What do I need to do to take advantage of this offer? It’s for my Mac…

  • nope didn’t wait.. Didn’t even think about it actually. Hopefully they are the kind of business that will make it right.

  • Jon Arnold

    Do we get the same 5 licenses?

  • Dingo

    Unfortunately, the activation code email is not in my spam folder.

  • Thanks Dingo!

    You should have been e-mailed an activation code. Check your spam folder.

  • Dingo

    Downloaded the SO3 Demo last night. Was impressed and purchased it from JRRshop this morning. Will PreSonus email me a new product key to register the demo as a full version? JRRshop did not provide a product key with my purchase.

  • Donald Miller

    Is this the latest edition, 3.3? If so, I’ll take it.

  • rkbrock

    Just curious why SO3 Pro regular price is $545 here yet at my local dealer its $420 for either the DL or boxed version. I would love to take advantage of this but what’s with the huge regular price difference?

  • Jackie Midkiff

    This is good but wonder what Christmas sale will be?

  • Eddie Beaumont-Thomas

    Seriously Ralph, did you not think to hold off until Black Friday?

  • XavierOnassis

    Hmmm… no refunds!

  • Mark Hayward

    No it’s too late son 😀

  • Awwwww … I just upgraded from SO 2 producer to SO 3 Professional…. literally just 2 days ago… Any way to get that extra $100 back and/or take advantage of the sale ?