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BLACK FRIDAY: Get Progression for $20

If you’ve got a guitarist on your gift list who is interested in learning a thing or two about tablature, notation, and a whole lot more, Progression is an ideal place to start.


Enter parts and create guitar and bass tab, drum tab, lead sheets, and standard sheet music with ease. Add audio, apply effects, mix, and hear your composition played back with superb samples by famous artists. Compose on a computer and continue editing with Progression for iPad or vice versa. Progression’s ease of use and great sounds make composing more fun than ever!

  • TrumpMasterMind

    Can we somehow merge synfire into studio 3….

  • Citizen Kane

    Jesus Christ with your fuckwit ass

  • Martin

    I too have Studio One 3 Pro and I wonder if Notion 6 would help transpose my tracks into partition; do you know? BTW, I checked the price of Notion 6 for SO 3 Pro: 68,25 $CDN, taxes included. Is that a good deal?

  • Robert Fuchs

    What I mean is: I have Notion 5 (and Studio One Pro 3, BTW), and I hoped for a “Black Friday Deal” for the upgrade to Notion 6, like upgrade for $20,- or something like that.

  • Martin

    What do you mean by that, Robert?

  • Robert Fuchs

    No Notion 6 Upgrade Black Friday Deal? Really?