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Save $30 on the AudioBox USB until June 30, 2014!

[UPDATE: This offer has been extended to June 30, 2014!]

We live in a world with a million free VST plug-ins, a quarter million amp companies, racks and stacks of dusty vintage gear with true-analog vintage mojo, and new gear from hundreds of manufacturers popping up every month. For the budget-minded recordist, it can be a lot to take it at once, and settling on the right gear can sometimes be more work than making a record itself. With so many people asking so many questions about the “right” way to record, it’s a wonder Google hasn’t broken yet.

Searches for “how do I record X” often return a stormy HTML sea of online audio recording punditry. Amidst the results, however, one often finds a familiar refrain that goes something like this:

  • You don’t need that many mics
  • Simpler is better
  • Less is more

The spirit of “Less is more,” in this case, applies to both the AudioBox USB design mindset and money. Because until June 30, 2014, we’re offering $30 off of the AudioBox USB. (US Pricing, offer may vary in your local market, please check with your local distributor) There’s no rebate paperwork, no waiting period, and no searching under the front seat of the car for the receipt that you lost. Just lower prices on the AudioBox USB, the world over.

The trusty, sturdy AudioBox USB is aimed squarely at the back-to-basics recording mindset. You get two 1/4″ XLR combo jacks, ideal for recording guitar and vocals simultaneously, MIDI in and Out, Main Outs for your monitor speakers, and a headphone out. Keeping things simple also means keeping them small, and the AudioBox USB will slip right into most any laptop case for recording on the go. Furthermore, it’s USB bus-powered, which means you don’t have to worry about pesky dead batteries or AC power cables mucking up your session.

Want to record a coffeeshop gig without lugging a mixer around? Want to record a solo acoustic guitar performance from the top of a tree? Want to record an impromtu jam session while riding the bus? The AudioBox USB makes all of these ideas possible.

It also works on your ideas.


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  • Hey Bill, this can be caused by a few different things, contact our tech support team for help!

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  • Lison Bellerose

    j’ai changer d’ordinateur et je ne suis plus capable d’installer StudioOne. J’ai besoin d’aide en Français. Merci

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    I think I have the some problem in my firestudio mobile, also the midi conections/S-PDIF doesn’t work. For the rest is stupendous!

  • Bill

    Since the last year still have the click noise with my Presonus USB and nobody solved that, dont buy nothing from Presonus, waste of time.

  • Daniel

    And the problem with the USB 3.0 standard for Mac Users, does the Presonus folks already fixed it?

  • Gilbert Monroy

    FYI…..There is no April 31st…..EVER

  • sylvain roy

    Hi I have a Roland sc55 soundCanvas.I qwould like to know if it will work properly with youraudiobox usb. Thank you