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Save 50% on Studio One Professional in March 2014, including upgrades!

It’s that time again! Get in on the world’s fastest-growing DAW for a whopping 50% off of MSRP! 

I don’t even know where to start with describing what a screaming deal this is. You can get Studio One Professional, including the Project page for mastering, VST support, Celemony Melodyne Essential, and a lot more—for about two hundred bucks USD. 

Think about that. It’s like getting a 40-inch TV for two hundred bucks, or like getting a PS4 for two hundred bucks. Except with Studio One, you’ll be doing a lot more doing, and a lot less  of the sort of non-productive time associated with the prior examples.

So, come get some! This offer includes upgrades, so if you’ve been itching to update your version of Studio One Artist or Producer, now’s the best possible time. HURRY! Offer ends March 31, 2014.

To find a dealer for a retail boxed-copy of Studio One Professional, click on one of the following links:

Or if digital download is more your speed, head on over to the Studio One store on our website:


  • PreSonus Audio Electronics

    You can if you would like, but it’s not hurting anything. :)

  • Kevin

    Thank you, upgrading soon so was hoping for a March 2014 repeat. Software is one of the most important components still find it hard to pay R3800 for a code. Do I remove my request from the blog?

  • PreSonus Audio Electronics

    I’m sorry, but we can’t institute discounts upon request—otherwise we would need to give a discount to everyone who asked!

  • Kevin

    Can we please have another discount as last year. I will buy the upgrade to professional NOW if you guys can help with a discount. PLEASE PLEASE

  • justin

    me too!

  • socialdiscard

    I’ll buy if you (Presonus) do this again soon…please! :)

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