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Limited Time Offer: Buy Sceptre Monitors, get Monitor Station FREE!

Chances are that if you’re looking at Sceptre monitors, you’ve already got a pair of monitors and are looking to upgrade. Cool! While we’ve kept the price as reasonable as possible, it’s no secret that the Sceptres are completely pro—even the pros think so. You can also check out the 5-star user reviews from customers by clicking here.

While we’re flattered that you’ve considered the Sceptres, we would encourage you to refrain from hastily tossing your old, mediocre monitors on Craigslist. Why? Because even with the Sceptres, having multiple monitoring options allows you to check out how your mixes will sound  on less-than-ideal setups.

Enter Monitor Station. It would be a total pain in the ear to have to re-wire your studio just to A/B your mix on a couple pairs of speakers, so let the Monitor Station take over. And until March 31, 2014, you will get a Monitor Station for FREE if you buy a pair of Sceptres. That’s a whopping $299 value!

The Monitor Station allows you to connect up to three pairs of monitors, so you can get an idea of what your mixes sound like on your shiny new Sceptres, average speakers, crappy computer speakers, or whatever else you would like to plug to it.

Furthermore, you can mix with your producer buddies in private with four LOUD headphone Outs, and a talkback mic allows you to politely request that the drummer stop beating the devil out of your Blue Mics Kiwi that you probably shouldn’t have let him use on the snare. Lastly, you can sum your mixes to mono at the touch of a button to check for phase problems.

Oh, and there’s a great big volume knob.

Getting in with the new doesn’t mean you have to get out with the old. With this package deal, you will make dramatic improvements to your monitoring with a single purchase.

Get the rebate form by clicking here.

If you’re in the US, click here to find a dealer. Folks outside the US can find a dealer by clicking here.

  • Yes! Contact National Audio Systems to find PreSonus in your area!

  • The Sceptre S6s are $649.99 USD, and the S8s are $749.99.

  • ken Monroe

    How much r the monitors with free monitor station?

  • rosin

    I truly do take into account the many thoughts you’ve got presented in your write-up. They are really persuading and can definitely work. Continue to, the actual content particularly quick for starters. May perhaps you desire expand these slightly through following occasion? Many thanks for the actual post.

  • cheng

    Thats not fair, I just got my in Nov of 2013 we should be eligible to get the rebate too.

  • Carlos Zuniga

    I all ready contact the Swiss Distributor but ’till now do’nt have answer 4 ‘ur

    please send me the technical data and the Date of delivery, your Swiss distributor does not answer me so far.
    Carlos Zuniga

    offerand technicals details & Delivery time.
    Please late me know the woofer Diameter of the Speaker aswell fhe size of the Monitors & Dynamic of it..
    Thanks for ‘ur answer as soon as posible.
    Carlos Zuniga

  • Dj Shaky Shaun

    You guys should give a package away once a month for three months or so , then have the lucky winners to give feedback of the incredible experiences using this package. Oh almost forgot this is a great package deal that you are offering now.

  • Emmanuel Muganaua

    Do you have dealers in Australia?

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