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Buy Any AudioBox VSL Interface, Get Upgrade to Studio One Producer for Free, $99 Value

Ah, good ol’ AudioBox. It’s like a cross between an interface, pack mule, and member of the band. Ever the dependable ally, the AudioBox VSL interfaces have carried many an Artist through countless recording endeavors with reliability, consistency, and zero-latency monitoring. Perhaps that’s why I can’t find a user review for the AudioBox with less than 4/5 stars on the big online dealer websites.

In the spirit of complete solutions, we’ve always been happy to include Studio One Artist with the AudioBox VSL series. But in the spirit of completer solutions—and reliable friendyness—we’re tacking on a bonus for a li’l while.

From now through Dec 31st, 2013, you can get that included copy of Studio One Artist 2.6 upgraded to Studio One Producer 2.6 when purchasing the AudioBox 22VSL, AudioBox 44VSL, or the AudioBox 1818VSL. Both Studio One Artist and the upgrade to Studio One Producer are worth $99, so, that’s like getting $200 of free software. You’re welcome, and after all, what are friends for? Studio One Producer includes significant feature upgrades from Artist, including MP3 import/export and virtual instrument support.

If you live in the USA, click here to find a list of dealers in your area. International buyers can click here.

This rebate offer is available until Dec. 31, 2013. Save your receipt, physical or emailed, as you’ll need it when the time comes to claim your upgrade via the handy form.

Click here to get the form!

Your upgrade activation key will be provided via email; no physical product will be shipped. Allow four to six weeks for delivery. Processing time is subject to change depending on hurricane or Saints game tailgate party traffic congestion.

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  • Sylvain

    Hi, I just bought a 22vsl and saw this offer.Unfortunately it is now ended.I was wondering if you would be kind enough to allow me a free upgrade.I have a very low income and I simply cannot afford next step and I would need the features in it.

  • Ryan Roullard

    Thank you!

  • Luis

    Just purchased the 22vsl with artist. Thank you.


  • Luis

    Hello, Having trouble with the links. Could you email me the form link? Please. Thank you.

  • Ryan Roullard

    Hello! You will need to download and fill out this form and return it to us to receive the upgrade.

  • rey osorio

    Hello I am from Honduras newly buy the presonus 1818VSL by a store called and I want to know two things
    1_ I update free studio one artist to studio one professional
    2_ if you can the previous question I can participate in the lottery?

  • Austin Alberts

    soo i went to guitar center and the guy told me that i could just enter my activation code and ill get a link to the upgrade, i just bought the audiobox1818vsl and idk if i have the receipt. anything i can do?

  • Ryan Roullard

    Install Artist first, then use the upgrade activation key. :)

  • candi

    Can you PLEASE send the rebate form for the upgrade to my email as well? I purchased the AudioBox 22VSL from Zzounds & they told me to come here for the rebate. I see many others are also having the same problems with the links that I am.I’d appreciate you sending me the form/info ASAP,as my son is anxious to use the Producer softwatre & is frustrated by not being able to use tonight. Thank you

  • Bernhard

    Does Studio One Artist have to be installed before upgrading to Studio One Professional, or can i just wait for my upgrade activation key and then install a download which is up to date?

  • soul

    Hi, I have the audioboxs as well and been trying everything to get this upgrade I even tried calling tech support and waited on the phone for an hour and a half.can I please get it sent to my email,that would so ease my mind and make me extremely happy with Presonus.

  • Ryan Roullard

    Thanks for letting us know, we’re working on a fix and I have e-mailed you the rebate form. :)

  • Ryan Roullard

    I am sorry about this. We are experiencing an issue with hosting PDFs on our blog. I have your e-mail address here and will e-mail the form to you directly while we fix this.

  • Stefan Ickert

    Still not working. I’ve found the same offer from your german retailer hyperactive and used the form they offered. I’ve send it to them but got no reply up to now. we’ll see…

  • Sofus

    Great off – the form still does not work !
    And if I get an AudioBox VSL this month, should I then use the form from August 2013 with the same offer, but only valid until October 31, 2013 or the new form, when it is up running.

  • Ryan Roullard

    I’m sorry, here is the link to the form. I’ve fixed it in the blog.

  • Ryan Roullard

    I’m sorry, here is the link to the form. I’ve fixed it in the blog.

  • Stefan Ickert


    same Problem here. The link to the handy form doesn’t work. Keeps saying “404 Not Found”.
    How can i get the form to get my free Producer Upgrade? I’ already a registered Audiobox 44VSL Customer.


  • Luke Nyman

    This sounds like a great deal, and as the Computer & MIDI Doctor, I want to suggest it to a client of mine, but when I try to “Click here to get the handy form that’s right here.” I get

    “Not Found

    The requested URL /community/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/S1_Upgrade_Rebate_Form_9-24-13_jr01.pdf was not found on this server.”

    If my client buys it, how can we proceed further to get the upgrade to Producer?


  • Gabriel H. Lingstuyl

    WOW, that was Fast!!! I send the message and a few hours later i got an Email with the upgrade!!!! Thanks Presonus.!!!
    I will get next year the Studiolive 16.4.2ai. Thanks for solve my situation!!!

  • Gabriel H Lingstuyl

    Hi, i have the Audiobox 44vsl and i tried to get the upgrade but nobody help me with that.
    I send a few Emails and am still waiting. I talked with Ryan Roullard in the forum and then with Susan Noto by email, and am waiting for the upgrade. Please, the is running and i dont know what to do.

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