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Throwback Thursday: VP of Marketing Ron Koliha

September 5,2013

Here’s marketing maven Ron Koliha during his tenure with the Classy Brassy Oompah Band. This photo was taken shortly before he was kicked out of the band for hyping an upcoming show by canvassing parking lots and distributing flyers under the windshield wipers of cars. Flyers that looked a lot like parking tickets.

The entire band was held responsible for the hefty $12,000 littering fee—still a record fine for this charge in Yakima county—and Koliha was summarily dismissed.

Perched atop a crabapple throne gilded with the tears of lesser designers, Ron directs all PreSonus marketing efforts with an iron fist in a burlap glove.


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Posted by Ryan Roullard

  • Mark Stevens

    Wanting to get a hold of Ron (Ron Koliha) Ron and I talked a lot before Mackie Design was even doing a million a month.


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