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PreSonus LIVE—The StudioLive AI Launch!

Rick and Johnny explore the latest features of the new StudioLive 32.4.2AI, and also reveal the big #UnveilPreSonus secret: there are THREE boards in the StudioLive AI family!

For more on the StudioLive AI series, click here.

  • George John

    I will like to thanks your guys for the great job you did on the broad Personus we have get one from the stAte any be this is the first one to enter Cairo Egypt, we are bless by the work of The Lord on your company and now you guys get 32 channel we have 24.4.2. I will like just to say thanks all the way from Africa

  • Hey John, I understand. The fact is that the StudioLive AI line is much, much more than a software update. The hardware of the original StudioLive boards is very different than that of the StudioLive AI boards, including wireless connectivity that doesn’t require a computer. These kinds of physical hardware updates cannot be installed via a firmware update.

  • The hardware of the original StudioLive boards is very different than that of the StudioLive AI boards. As such, many of the new AI features simply wouldn’t run on the older boards—they offer much more than a software update makes possible. 🙂

  • Thanks!

  • Cool idea, thank you!

  • Cliffy

    Oh yeah,
    the only real big feature I (& many others) wanted thats missing (but maybe a future firmware update will fix ??) is “Stereo Sub Groups” since we don’t have 8 Subs, how about a firmware update that allows the 4 Sub to be stereo subs? Kind of like a pseudo 8 buss – but 4 stereo subs instead….

    Just sayin’

  • Cliffy

    Different processors in the non-AI boards… I wish we could too, but I get why not and I’m not gonna bitch about it as there has been many FREE features added over the past 4-5 years of owning an SL console.


  • Cliffy

    I was an owner of (2) SL16.4.2 since the inception in 2009, then sold off one of the 16’s when I got my SL24 – I love that the software & firmware updates (and apps) are free…. You keep me coming back for more! Just sold my last SL16 tonight and ordered my SL32AI. I love these consoles, and the main feature i’ve been waiting for, was more channels and you delivered. But as usual, PreSonus went further and added features that I wanted but would have lived without! Built-in networking & device integration without a computer… Nice! UC updates with capture & S1… Wow! + more that I will use like the Mute Groups & Quick Scenes.

    To those who are disappointed or angry that these NEW soft features won’t get added to the legacy consoles… i feel ya, but at some point you have to say… ” Wow! PreSonus gave me software, firmware & apps for 4 years FREE when i didn’t even know they existed when i bought my console.” They constantly made my consoles better without me having to spend more money.

    Now on to the AI series… I’ll prolly sell off my SL24 once the 32AI arrives and order up a second 32…. LOL.

  • Leonid

    I’m really looking forward to when to be on sale Studio Live 32 please

  • Chris

    I feel that the PreSonus guys have been very generous with the free upgrades over the years for existing desks. I certainly appreciate it. And the latest studio live 2.6 upgrade I ll also be able to grab now for my 24.4 desk. Thank you guys. These new AI desks are a different platform, so therefore I don’t think some other comments made here are fair or justified. And no, I don’t work for Presonus!
    I look forward to one day upgrading to the latest AI desks.

  • Tj Myers

    Why can’t we update our boards
    That’s not very fair and I love your product
    So much for customer service

  • Scott

    I agree, why can’t we be able to update the board i bought two months ago

  • John Tulli

    I own the 24 channel board and love it! But I really feel this software should be made available to those of us who purchased these boards prior. Why cant they can be integrated to work with our systems as well? Universal control is nice but this would be nicer

  • swan

    When is the 32 coming out .Been waiting. Please let me know the for sure date.

  • Michael

    Have been trying to buy the 32 channel for months. When is it shipping???