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Enter to Win a StudioLive 32.4.2AI in the “Why StudioLive” Video Contest!

Our recent “Why I Switched to Studio One” video contest was such a smashing success that we decided to kick it up a notch.

So, here’s your contest. Prime directive? Extrapolate! The whole human race deserves to know why you chose the StudioLive mixer out of the billions and billions of mixers available in our little blue corner of the galaxy. The best video, as chosen by PreSonus galactic overlords, will receive the flagship mixer of our next generation, the StudioLive 32.4.2AI—a $3,999 value. 

So, again, we want videos. Billions and billions of videos! This contest shares much in common with the last contest, but with the following upgrades:

  • No online voting this time. PreSonus will choose the winning video. Last time we got a lot of fraudulent votes that we traced to an IP address in a pirate sector of Zeta Centauri.
  • The second-place winner will receive a pair of Sceptre S8 monitors, a $1,999 value.
  • Non-English submissions are welcome, but must include English subtitles to qualify for entry.
  • Please keep your videos around 1:30, 2:00 maximum. Videos even one picosecond over 2:00 will not be considered for entry.

Here’s the rest of the guidelines.

Create a video detailing why you chose the StudioLive mixer over the universe of mixers available.

  • Be specific about why you chose the StudioLive. Discuss your favorite most-used features.
  • Be mindful of the YouTube generation’s attention span. Keep it around 1:30.
  • Upload the video to YouTube, and make sure it’s set to be publicly viewable.
  • Submit your link at, using the VIDEO CONTEST application viewable under our cover photo. All fields are required. Submit by October 1, 2013 to qualify.
  • That’s it! You’re entered!

Here’s what we’re NOT in search of:

  • Nudity, profanity, violence, or any content that YouTube would remove your video over.
  • Videos that are too long. Keep it around 1:30, please.
  • If you use music in the video, it must be your own. No cover songs.
  • Film school projects/Oscar Contenders. You don’t need a Director of Photography, Hair & Makeup department, or Final Cut Pro to win. But it might help.

The grand prize winner will receive a StudioLive 32.4.2AI, and a free upgrade to Studio One Professional 2.5. If you’re already running Studio One Pro 2.5, we can connect you  with the PreSonus product of your choice as long as it’s under $300 in value.

The second place winner will receive a pair of Sceptre S8 monitors.

All video content submitted becomes the property of PreSonus Audio Electronics. Winner will be announced on or around October 2, 2013

Full lawyer-appeasing legalese can be found here.

The 32.4.2AI is light years ahead of previous StudioLive consoles, offering:

  • Double the amount of onboard internal effects buses and graphic EQs
  • Six mute groups
  • User-assignable Quick Scene buttons.
  • A Wi-Fi LAN adapter–no computer required for wireless connectivity!
  • 64 times the processing power and 10,000 times the amount of RAM of the StudioLive 24.4.2.


  • aaron

    hey that is cool

  • Kate Framke

    how will the winners be notified?

  • Hey Josiah, we need to view all the videos before posting, so the process is not instantaneous. Thanks!

  • Josiah Roman

    I submitted my video las night, but I don’t see it on the video post list on Facebook. I don’t know if I didn’t submitted right or if it has to approve before being posted to the public.


  • Tomorrow, Oct. 1, by Midnight CST. We will need some time to screen the entrants and pick a winner but should announce this week.

  • Cait

    Does anyone know:
    Do submissions have to be in by midnight September 30, or can you still submit tomorrow, October 1st by midnight?

    Thank you!

  • Dave

    this is my submission. I want to win SO BAD!!!!

  • Robert OSteen

    Well its so simple, you get the best mixer, and softwares on the planet. I don’t have one but i have sampled one in a music store and i was blown away with hardware mixer and softwares Studio One Artist And Capture 2.0. I have Studio One Artist and i love it but, i don’t have everything i need Lixer the 32 channel mixer from Presonus, i see one in action and thats it. I would love to win Win a StudioLive 32.4.2AI……after all i lost my old studio equipment to a house fire, so i am trying to rebuild my studio and equipment back up, and this would be a blessing and a new start. PreSonus please help me. This all i talk about is this Mixing console, Studio One Professional, And Capture 2.0. I brag about your product, its simply the best i have ever seen and used.

  • Yes, please submit the link to your YouTube video here:

  • Neil

    Haven’t got a video camera, or a pot to piss in at the minute, but this desk is the missing link for people like me who use to be old school and try to be digital. aaaaaaaaaaaaaawsome.

  • barrometre1

    Can you please give me the address where I can submit my video?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  • Bill Middleton

    Why ask why? Well to start, I currently own a Studio Live 24.4.2. I am a front of house sound business. My specialty is Touring Tribute Bands who need FOH and Monitors for their stages when they come to Southwest Florida. The venues consist of Country Clubs, and mid-sized outdoor events. It is next to impossible to run a snake in these types of shows due to Trip and Fall hazards… The thing I love is using my iPad to run FOH except for having to setup the laptop, the Fire Wire is so fragile and can be bumped and lose connection, (must be taped down)… The 32.2.4 would be soooo nice as it would remove this one extra step. Well unless I chose to use Capture and record the events.
    No matter where the venue is, on the Beach in the heat of the sun, a Theater, or a Night Club the sound comes out great. Have never had a bad comment, plug and go… almost never time for a sound check, the presets make it amazing. I get asked where are all the side racks… I tell them I left them at home… 😉
    So as you can see, or in this case hear how GREAT this board works and Captures live events having the next generation board will get it’s workout for my 2013-2014 live show FOH and Monitor board all run with my iPad will allow these Tributes to Sound there best for the raving fans who come to hear the blasts from the past!
    So now I ask, what will one do with the 24.2.4 I have when I win the All New 32.2.4? I have a few churches in mind… That’s what I will do with it… Step away from the PreSonus and nobody gets hurt!

  • Chris von Wielligh

    Hi! Is the competition open for all international entries? Or only for USA citizens? Thanks!

  • Siobhan G

    Well I can’t afford a mixer of any sort, but I have researched them and the Studiolive 16.4.2 would be my desk of choice. The reasoning being aside from the excellent reviews is the feature set, the i/o count, and the price. It is cheaper than any of it’s rivals and better featured and if and when I could afford one it would transform my bedroom setup to something more semi pro, and my recordings would improve in quality no end. To win the 32.4.2 would help propell me to the professional standard and set up that I long to attain.

  • peter kok

    hi, how long did it take before you could see your video on the side? I,m waiting for hours but nothing happens greetings peter

  • Phillip Sones

    Could do a lot more if I had this one in the Recording Room…..

  • josé

    Great device…but unreachable for me!

  • Timo Sund

    Just posted my video.

    My life seems to be like last friday as I was producer for open air concert: Two different people came to me asking if I was still making recordings and signed me on their upcoming projects.

    I just need the modern tools for the trade. Due this economy can´t buy new, so looking for freebies.

  • Barney Martin

    Sur ma 24/4/2 un rapport qualité/prix époustouflant qui permet de réaliser avec l’appui de quelques périphériques bien choisi des productions de qualité. Si la version 32 avait été disponible à l’époque de l’acquisition de ma 24 il est bien évident que mon choix se serait porté sur la 32.
    Pour les futurs acquéreurs vous pouvez y aller les yeux fermés.

  • Thanks! Are you going to enter the contest?

  • Dave

    I submitted a video but i wasnt that really detailed as to why I wanted it. I just said that I have the fire studio project and now i want more inputs, and that i hear the preamps sound sweet, and I said it’s high quality. those are broad reasons but i made a cool video and song. PICK ME ANYWAY! I want this because I want my recordings to sound better and I want more control over my mixes and gets great reviews!

  • NikosXidis

    Great console !!!!

  • herman

    I would to get studiolive34.4.2

  • Jose Marquez

    I really need this to finish all the material I have in the closet cause I can’t afford studio sessions and with this equipment I can finish my dreams

  • Szymon Nieużytek

    I can’t afford it. I’m verry interested in sound engineering. You give me the opportunity to realise my dreams.

  • Jonny

    I have a ton of material to record and this would make things much easier for me,

  • Rafael Lau Girón

    Hola amigos, después de usar mi Presonus 24.4.2 y ver las otras opciones, llego a la conclusión:

  • Flo

    For our Church it would be the greatest thing working with a StudioLive if i win this great Instrument (in my eyes the Instrument of a audio Engineer is his Mixer…) i’m a musician and audio Engineer 🙂
    My Mixer is the StudioLive 24.4.2 :))

  • Jocelito Rousseau

    I have already paid for my first and new Studiolive 32 .AI, so good luck to everyone dreaming about winning that masterpiece.

  • Angela Williams

    I am just a single mother who has her sons best intrest at heart. I like to watch them rock out to their own sounds that they create themselves. Maybe one day when they can win one to these console and make more sounds I can bust a move for them lol 🙂

  • Roman Nerone

    In my dreams, in my head, i m waiting for you!! thanks.

  • Andrew Pigeon

    Hi I love my 24 4 2. I am not running famous bands and I am not a world famous engineer. But after using many analog and some digital boards these machines take the cake. The ease of use and sound quality is superb. I do play in a larger band and need the 32 but it was not avail at the time of my purchase. The best thing I can say about all Presonus Studiolive boards is that it puts the full capabilities of the live and studio recording mixing into a unique package that delivers the goods consistently and for a fraction of the cost of many other systems. I will never give up my board. Also since I purchase my board and taught a few other musicians how to use it. So far I have seen three new sales. Word of mouth really works.

  • udo

    agreed! especially when heavily using scenes!

  • Scott

    This is fantastic guys, I look forward to it, and to seeing the StudioLive 32.4.2AI in operation. By the way, would you consider adding motorized faders as an option or upgrade for the 32.4.2? That would would make this console by far the most well rounded studio & live board on the market at any price point. That’s the only thing it’s missing, unless you want to throw in a kitchen sink for good measure.

  • Big Ant

    I would love to get an opportunity to work with this product. We currently have all 1990 analog system with the Audiobox in our church but with no money to buy new products i think this will be a great chance to upgrade, Just saying. Hopefully our church would be the winner and if not I hope the winner enjoys this great mixer from what I have read and played with in Guitar center.

  • Brian

    agreed, facebook sux and will hopefully soon be relegated to the antiquated company of things like butt rock and palm pilots

  • Tembu Armstrong Mungwan

    I am currently doing a video with A.I.R Production studio I am sure this will be a master piece.

  • Ndah Afah Emmanuel

    I very much like to be part of this h contest.Thanks for the opportunity.

  • el’tonio

    For win the biggest presonus studio live … I love it

  • Eric Gorjean

    The 32.4.2 ways to go straight to the paradise.

  • Actually, I’m more interested in surreal football. It’s basically the same thing, except the game clock is always melting.

  • Chance Moore

    I like all the features on the presonus mixers.

  • Suddenly I care a lot less about Eliminator.

  • Cj

    I think it’s wrong that one can only enter this contest if you do Facebook. Not everyone is on Facebook or cares to be. So I guess those of us who are not Facebook lemmings do not get an equal chance to win or even enter this contest. Seems a bit jaded to me. I am dissapointed in Presonus public relations although I do love my mixer!

  • Rick Hendricks

    I love using my audio box and software, would love to own the complete system….

  • Richard Davis

    I love making music

  • Bill McCarty

    I was looking into getting into Digital Recording, looked at all the Digital recorders out there, and the pricing, the necessary mixers, sound and fx processors. . . then. . . POIW!

    I saw it, felt it, instantly connected with the innovative and ease of use the PreSonus Live presented!Bummed that the 24’s could not be connected to give me 48 channels, I purchased TWO PreSonus Live 16.4.2’s, I would just have to squeak by with 32 channels!

    Just wished I had not been down the first path to the tune of many rack mounted signal processing units I no longer need!

    Would love to win the 32.4.2! Then I can get rid of that pesky firewire cable!

  • cl

    Well…. I love my StudioLive 16, only complaint is I need more channels ! On the “contest”… I guess the video idea is OK… but aren’t musicians more “sound” oriented… I mean.. I can write.. but video, out of my area of expertise… (and frankly… just one more expensive “hobby” I don’t need to get into)…

  • Waltzing mark

    I love my 16 channel PreSonus mixer but I could do even bigger gigs with the 32 channel baby.

  • kelly chadic

    If I won I would be able to do whatever I wanted.

  • Eric de Launay

    I love this board and I could really use one in my band. This is probably one of the best boards on the market.

  • Ken Mazotas

    It said 6 – I see five …. Who wouldnt want the BEST???

  • Roger Larsen

    What a fantastic board!!! Best in the business!!!

  • Lee

    I’d buy one, but I’m poor 😉

  • Chris Benoit

    I would absolutely love to have one if these. I’ve used a 16.4.2 in the past and was very impressed with it and have been thinking of getting a studio live ever since.

  • Jan Stjerna

    I´m recording a famous rock group, so this is what I´ve been waiting for. I´m gonna get one today.

  • Salvador Noguera Erinwood Studios Inc.

    I love my 24 channel PreSonus mixer but I could do even bigger gigs with the 32 channel baby. Doing sound for bands and recording them live with PreSonus is the way to go. Huge bang for the buck! I’m going to win this contest!

  • Cathy Grandy

    Could do some serious recording with that baby!

  • Mikkjal Joensen

    Creme de la Creme – I want it

  • Billy Gros

    man I would love to win this console !