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PreSonus LIVE: Got ideas?

April 29,2013

PreSonus LIVE has been steadily gaining momentum for a while now, and we’re really thankful for your continued support and viewership—as well as your chat room participation!

We were wondering: What topics are you interested in seeing in future episodes of PreSonus LIVE? Post your suggestions in the comments. Thanks!

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Posted by Ryan Roullard

  • pascal

    i woold like to know how i can send the effects in the wedges with my 16-4-2. In the book, it’s explain but i can’t do it with the latest upgrade. Where i bug?

  • Bellsauce

    Hey Jim, I’m not sure exactly which video you mean, but check out this playlist:

  • Bellsauce

    Hey Michael, here’s a video on running Studio One plugins live for you!

  • Jim Shelton

    More on the Live use, follow up to the aux sub mix.
    Which I can’t find the video

  • Michael Dawson

    I would like to see more use of Studio One in a live environment setting, specifically, replacing a drummer with a plug-in. I want to see other methods of quickly changing between songs as well as other tips for live performances using plug-ins.

  • Bellsauce


  • edwin dacosta

    More episodes showing the studiolivve in a recording situation. ie.a studio. Showing studio one working with the studiolive.

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