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Sage Advice from Victor Wooten

Here’s some incredible insights on music, language, and education from 4-string guru Victor Wooten, which is served alongside his bold, harmonic-heavy rendition of  “Amazing Grace.”

Powerful stuff. When I found this I immediately watched it twice in a row.  Hope you like it as much as I do.

Do you agree with Victor’s thoughts on music education? Please post your thoughts in the comments section.



Bonus! If that’s not enough Victor for one day, here’s a video of him on the PreSonus stage at NAMM last year alongside Steve Baily and David “Fingers” Haynes at our 2011 NAMM show.

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  • Gary Perrett (Gadget)

    Wow, prophetic words! If these concepts were taught the world over from birth, imagine where we would be today? I bet if we all learned to make music from the beginning we wouldn’t have time for war, crime, abuse, and many of the other ills that plague the world today.. Music truly is the international language.

    Victor for president!

    Best regards, and be well!