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Coming Soon in Universal Control 1.7…

PreSonus Universal Control 1.7, which will be released soon, will add three Smaart® System Analysis Wizards to Virtual StudioLive—for free! These System Analysis Wizards include a Smaart Room Analysis Wizard, Smaart Output Check Wizard, and Smaart System Delay Wizard for StudioLive™ 24.4.2 and 16.4.2 consoles.

Of course, you still get the Smaart Spectragraph and Smaart Real Time Analyzer (RTA) that were added to VSL earlier this year, and they work with all three StudioLive models.

These Smaart tools enable you to vastly improve the quality of your sound system—and your effectiveness as a live-sound engineer! You can even interface with them via StudioLive Remote on your iPad.

With these tools in your arsenal, you should probably start charging more for gigs. Just sayin’.


  • Fian

    Like, ,

  • Irham Bilal Zaman

    Nice, when released ? Bb

  • Guezz

    I hace a big show on Saturday, if it was released before that… Hehehe

  • Paul

    Sweet! SO glad I choose PrSonous! A little startled at the 16.0.2 not gaining these features too though.
    This is going to make life easier!

  • Ozzy Stone

    define coming soon.
    any dated?

  • Skopp

    Went through my mind too. Aaaand: will the feature of saving the labels of the Inputs and Subs and Auxes in StudioLive presets be available (again) ? Or will it be promised to be solved in an near update (again) ?
    My two cents …

  • fxk

    Can’t imagine, as a 16.0.2 owner, how disappointed I am to hear of the new UC1.7 which includes additional Smaart technology that will not run on the baby mixer.