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October 11,2012


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Posted by Ryan Roullard

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  • Hilda

    Great post.There is a lot of advanced infrtmaoion in the article and it’s really good. I am recording my album on my own. I worked in different types of studios: home, professional, off a voice recorder!But after several years recording solo singles and EPs and albums with bands, I’m working to carefully record a my first full length solo record.I decided to record one demo at a time like you suggested. Sometimes, I record and mix on my own, and sometimes I record with my engineer. Nonetheless, I’ve been working on one song at a time with different instruments and textures until I’m ready to take a year out of my life to record a full solo record.My engineer is encouraging and knows I am capable to do a lot of the work I need to do on my own. But we both know it’s a long commitment, and we’re working together to find the right sound..jordannah