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OBEDIA’s Brian Botkiller is a Drum Prodigy

Here’s Brian BotKiller, lead trainer at OBEDIA, who are among the strongest Studio One advocates around.

Here he is running his MIDI kit into Studio One, where’s he’s activating samples in SampleOne.  He says:

“I’m running the MIDI out of a Roland TD8 drum brain and into Studio One, then in Studio One I run a combination of Superior Drummer, and samples are triggered in of Sample One using a limiter trick I teach to some of my students to trigger drum samples and do drum replacement.”

If you wanna know the secret limiter trick for yourself… you better sign up over at OBEDIA!


  • Mark

    Wow this is awesome!! I have just recently dived into electronic drumming and have become so excited explore the possibilities of e drumming with my weekend band. I have been using drum pads into an alesis trigger I/O then triggering Drum Core samples for my practice sessions. I very much would like to try the edrums live and have been thinking how to integrate it with our Band PA, which has the Presonus 16.4. board. I was wondering if it was possible to use the Presonus as the Audio interface. How do you get the MIDI from the drum brain into the Presonus, is there an additional MIDI to firewire conversion box between the TD-8 and the Presonus(I don’t believe there is MIDI in on the Presonus board). I would love to know the hardware requirements to make this happen, Drum Brain-?Firewire conversion interface?-Presonus StudioLive Board-Firewire to Laptop running Drum Core or BFD or Superior. Does this setup allow the FOH soundman to control individual instrument levels like a traditional mixer ( Such as kick on channel 1, Snare on 2, etc…..) I would be very thankful if you could give any advice on this or point me in the right direction. Thank You sir.

  • brian botkiller

    That’s cool guys, you’re welcome to feel that way 🙂 Perhaps you should listen to the many, many other things I’ve done before you drop the hate so readily. Either way, it might be best to, you know, do your own thing, and let other people hate on you 🙂 Thanks for watching!

  • Sam Adato

    No offense to Presonus or anything, but this guys timing is way off. Can’t they get someone more skilled to demo this stuff?

  • ABotYouCantKill

    This guy’s drumming is awful. Presonus is advocating this? He could not drum his way out of a wet paper bag! This is amateur BS right here.

  • brian botkiller

    Thank you as always, guys!