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Winning Isn’t for Everyone, but it is for These Guys

September 19,2012

Check it out, here are the lucky winners of our Pads ‘n’ Pods Giveaway: Sean of Lakewood, USA, and Andreas of Nürnberg, Germany! Each of these guys gets four iPod touches and 16GB iPad3, allowing them (and their bands) full control of their StudioLive Mixers. We were able to get a few words from each of the winners:

Hello, I’m Sean.
I have the PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2, and I love this mixer. It has everything I need. Looking at getting the bigger one. I travel with a
Hawaiian reggae band named Unified Culture and have been with them for a while. I am so honored to win, thanks! You can check us out at “

Next up is Andreas:

“Yeah I won! This is perfect!
My band mates and I use the StudioLive 24.4.2 by PreSonus for in-ear monitoring and FOH. Me winning allows us to use an iPod to mix our monitor sounds individually, and gives us the freedom and ability to rapidly obtain the best in-ear sound.
Moreover, our sound engineer can now operate the mixer via iPad, and is no longer bound to the mixer location, but can adapt the sound from anywhere in the venue.
In October, we’re on a huge tour across Germany and now we can exploit the full potential of our technology.Thank you PreSonus!” 

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Posted by Ryan Roullard

  • Alejandro Mouriño

    Hola a todos los usuarios de presonus 16,x,.x
    Yo soy sonidista de una banda de Rock en Argentina(Enrockados).
    He adquirido una 16.4.2 para los show y las giras y realmente esto a facilitado , simplificado y aumentado nuestra calidad de sonido y nuestras presentaciones en un porcentage que no puedo describir.
    * Si tengo dos Shows esa noche llevo la escena guardada y no me preocupo mas por los ajustes ni ecualizaciones.* Si voy de Gira , simplifico el espacio en el transporte ya que he eliminado todos los procesadores que antes llevaba* – ademas de poder ghrabar en vivo los Shows.
    En el monitoreo no tengo mas acoples con las compuertas por canal y el compresor – no veo en el mercado una consola que tenga estas caracteristicas, esta calidad en 16 canales y tantas opciones de asignacion. No tengo mas que decir , gracias por elaborar un producto tan bueno y les mando un saludo grande desde argentina.

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