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Enter to Win a 3-month PureMix.Net Subscription!

September 5,2012

The all-around cool guys at PureMix.Net are collecting submissions for a 3-month subscription giveaway over on Facebook!  There’s only a few more days to get your name in the hat, so enter ASAP…

PureMix.Net offers some incredibly insightful and well-produced instructional videos in all things audio recording. Check ’em out!

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Posted by Ryan Roullard

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  • Kiran phalkekiran phalke

    I started learning at the age of 66 after purchasing studio one 2 and i require training in audio recording and also MIDI recording and edititing right from the very begining to advance. I already made two albums using studio one so simple and detailed.So if i win here i will be so happy.

  • Arturo Guzmán Castro

    I’d like to get te subscripton

  • eric lee

    hope i win… i register since monday…

  • Harry Smith

    I sure can use some great tutoring!

  • andre gpenk

    Learn is always be my motivation to be a please teach me

  • Raul Guzman

    On my knees / praying hopefully im the winner

  • Jason Genterola

    Just got our AB1818VSL… hope it will work fine on recording live gigs

  • George Darsey – Texas Music Marketing

    No amount of education or training is overkill. There is always something to learn and grow from when interacting with others.

  • James Fain

    Just ordered the Studiolive 24.4.2 from American Musical Supply. Can’t wait to start recording with it. You guys make great products. Keep up the good work!!

  • Maciej


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