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Free Studio One Producer when you buy a StudioLive mixer

September 4,2012

September-only… Click HERE for the official entry form!

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Posted by Ryan Roullard

  • Randy Rieger

    Oh man I just missed this deal! I was planning to buy a Studiolive 24 next week.

  • Glenn Sebeelo

    problems problems problems!!!!!!aaaarhhhh! ever since i got this mixer it’s BEEN PROBLEMS! SPENT BIG MONEY TO START MY BUSINESS AND NOW MY PRESONUS 16 HAS BEEN PROBLEMATIC EVER SINCE I GOT IT….TOO FRUSTRATED!

  • Supersolid

    Cant beat a good mixer mate.. try get an old one cheap, and mess with it..Mix it with digital on the way in and mess with it on the way out.. Result.X.. Resistive technology doesn’t have to be mimicked all the time.

  • Carey Bennett

    Guess I should have waited a couple of months to buy my mixer.

  • adam hanley

    yeaaa buddy

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