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ProSound Network’s Rather Glowing Studio One 2 Review

ProSound Network recently took a detailed look at Studio One 2, and their review is quite flattering—and thorough! They really covered the Studio One bases here, detailing everything from Melodyne integration to Folder Tracks, and the latest reason to celebrate Studio One: Nimbit!

But of course they had nice things to say, or we wouldn’t be linking to it from our blog here. But my favorite bit of the entire review reads so:

“This easy to use, powerful, efficient DAW sounds amazing and provides everything you need to record, mix and master your music. If you don’t need surround or notation support, (and many of us don’t) there’s no reason not to give the free version a test drive and see if Studio One might be the right fit for you.”

Click here to read the entire review.

  • craig kelson

    just read pro sounds review about studio one pro,while waiting for for presonus to give me the right activation code, i have been trying to activate studio one 2 professional all afternoon even after presonus sent me e-mail with a product key ,saying this will activate and download go, i have e-mailed presonus and am shure they will be able to help, also had this problem when trying to activate artist.real bumber as i love artist and cant wait to use 2pro help. desperate.