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September-Only Promo: Buy Studio One Pro 2, Get a Free HP4!

Free’s a great price, right?

Buy our Studio One Professional 2 DAW for $399 and get a free HP4 headphone amp with 4 screaming-loud 150mW outputs. Offer good September only. Click here to download the form!

We’re Hiring a Program Manager!

If you think you’re qualified for this job and are in/willing to relocate to the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area, please send a resume  to ATTN: Job Opportunities or fax to (225) 216-9621 (ATTN: Job Opportunities).

Program Manager


The Program Manager is the glue that makes products happen at PreSonus. Whether working with Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Software Development, Industrial Design, or Marketing, the Program Manager leads cross-functional teams to deliver market leading and award-winning PreSonus products from interfaces to digital mixing consoles to preamps and more.

The Program Manager manages the schedule for a program from early concept to mass production, developing the operational expense budget, identifying development bottlenecks and responding with solutions to overcome them, and organizes activities across the Company to get product out the door. This position is the pulse of the Company.

The position is located in Baton Rouge, LA that features low cost of living, vibrant arts and food culture, an active live music community, and the Sportsman’s Paradise that is Louisiana. The ideal Program Management candidate exhibits a strong work ethic during the initial phases of product conception and development. Come join us in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and work with international colleagues in Asia and Germany. We will accommodate visits and interviews here in Baton Rouge, LA. We look forward to meeting you!


  • Work with Product Management to define strategy and requirements, lead cross-functional development teams from design through delivery, and mange the timelines for projects
  • Hold regular team meetings, develop agendas, capture meeting minutes including decisions made, action items, and notes. Follow-up on action items
  • Regularly communicate with senior management on status, risks and change management
  • Develop new products, manage sustaining engineering and technology platform efforts to meet product line growth objectives
  • Develop and management development of phase documentation including Marketing, Engineering, and Requirements documents.
  • Calculate costs, labor, perform Bill of Materials analysis and calculate margins with cross functional teams in order to understand business cases for programs managed


The ideal candidate for this role must have extensive experience in defining projects and programs, managing schedules and deploying new products, interacting effectively with cross-functional roles throughout a company, coordinating efforts to scope, performing cost / benefit analysis for features and communicating results throughout the organization.

  • A strong background in electronics is required, ideally in a consumer technology product related industry such as consumer electronics or professional audio
  • Experienced in whole product development process of electronics or PC products from concept to mass production.
  • Specific experience in audio products is considered a “plus”.
  • Experience in Phase Gate Product Development processes is required.
  • Experience in program management with overseas manufacturing, strong handling skills in manufacturing, quality control issues, testing and qualification requirements, material and logistics
  • Creative thinker who is a demonstrated leader with superior analytical abilities and problem solving skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Results-oriented: the candidate has a demonstrated ability to drive the timely delivery of products
  • Organized: can track multiple efforts across multiple departments with differing levels of complexity.
  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate cross-functional teams
  • Strong project management and presentation skills are required
  • Cost, schedule and inventory control experience
  • Strong negotiation and influential management skills
  • PMP Certification – in process or completed is considered a “plus”
  • Strong capabilities in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project
  • Experience – 3-5+ years in Program Management is required
  • Education – Degree in Engineering (Computer, Electrical , Software or Mechanical) or Computer Science; and MS or MBA is preferred


Benefits: Standard PreSonus-provided Benefits, including participation in the PreSonus 401(k) plan, fully paid health and dental insurance for you, with the ability to add your spouse or other direct family members at a competitive rate.

Please send resume or inquiries to ATTN: Job Opportunities or fax to (225) 216-9621 (Attn: Job Opportunities).

And that was that.

Fact is, we have little to report, because we’re all FINE! Yeah, we were spooked for a bit, but Isaac has moved north, and the gang’s all here, back in the swing of things. We’re really quite lucky. Electricity, air conditioning, Internet and positive attitudes are all functioning properly.

Sincere thanks to all the thoughts and well-wishes sent our way during this admittedly frightening time.

Uhh, anybody know what to do with a few dozen soppy sandbags?


We’re OK, folks!

Hey! This just in from Cave Daughdrill, who is weathering the storm in his Baton Rouge home.

“Aight, here’s my official report:
Isaac is slow moving. Very little damage in Baton Rouge at the moment – a few trees down, lots of people without power. The storm is slow moving, so we won’t be sure of our full status for another 12-24 hours.

I have a good feeling that PreSonus HQ will be just fine, and we all plan on being there tomorrow either way.”


Craig Anderton Likes the AudioBox 1818VSL, and So Will You!

I love that we get stuff like this from none other than Craig Anderton. My first memory of the guy is his seminal DIY book “Electronic Projects for Musicians,” of which I own a 1st-edition copy that was once a loaner at the Bellingham Public Library. It’s one of my favorite books.

That said, the point of this post is to discuss one of Craig’s shorter, lesser-known works, this adulatory slab of verbiage from Electronic Musician magazine.

Thanks much, Craig, for your help in flying the PreSonus flag. My favorite part is his take on our VSL technology:

“PreSonus claims “virtually latency-free monitoring,” and while this may get the skeptics’ attention, it’s true. As a result, there are three main applications. One is using the outs for cue mixes and monitoring with effects, which will make many musicians happy—especially the temperamental vocalists who want reverb, compression, and EQ in their cans.

Another application is live performance with laptop-based acts. You can process inputs on the way in to your DAW, and process outs going to the house; with the VSL mixer app and your DAW’s mixer, you don’t need external processors, mixers, or preamps. (Note that the 1818VSL comes bundled with Studio One Artist.)
The third application is recording with effects. Being able to apply limiting for live recordings is invaluable, but the effects are good enough that if you want to record with, say, compression on the bass, you won’t have to re-create the sound while mixing.”

Read the full review!

If the Good Lord’s Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise…

just the essentials

We regret to announce that the PreSonus offices will be closed in the interest of our employees’ safety during hurricane Isaac. Storms like these pose a very real threat to our community and we are taking this quite seriously.
Hazards include but are not limited to flooding, downed power lines, and airborne nutria—who are known to bite when confused, frightened, and/or airborne.
In order to keep the cuts, shocks, bites, and bruises to a minimum so we can look good at PreSonuSphere, we’ve decided it’s best for our crew to stay home rather than risk injury.
At the time of this writing we are anticipating being closed during the following times. Note that this is a best-guess, as hurricanes can change like the weather.


  • Tuesday Aug. 28: closed beginning at 2 p.m. CST
  • Wednesday Aug 29: closed all day
  • Thursday Aug 30: closed in the morning until around 10 a.m. CST, or whenever the power is back and it’s determined that it’s safe for employees to return to the office. This is tentative, of course.

Please note that this closure will affect all departments, including tech support. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

DAWFreak Freaks out Over the AudioBox 22VSL

SPOILER ALERT: Here’s the best part of the AudioBox 22VSL review from DAWFreak:

What’s in the box? This is.


  • Great build quality
  • First class preamps.
  • Easy to use
  • Great price
  • The VSL mixer
  • Stable drivers


  • NONE

Kinda says it all, right?

Wrong! The rad dudes at DAWFreak have composed a very thorough review, including close-up input/output shots, a full unboxing-style look at all the included extras, and detailed overviews of all the software thats included: they look at both Studio One Artist and the AudioBox’s VSL functionality.

It’s worth the read, if you have the time. Go make a sandwich or something and check it out!

Jam in the Van Jams in a Van

One thing we like here at PreSonus is truth in advertising, and I think that’s part of why we like Jam in the Van. I don’t really have to tell you much more than that, right?  I mean, the endeavor is called Jam in the Van. You know what you’re getting.

As such, you’ve figured out that it involves musicians playing in a van (and WHAT A VAN!) and given the context of this blog, you’ve probably deduced that a StudioLive mixer is involved. But it gets better.

Their recent vid features none other than Louisiana local Anders Osborne  jamming a song about summer in New Orleans, performed during summer, in New Orleans, in a van. What more could you possibly want?


Catch more of Anders’ performances over at the NOLA Live Music Blog.

Frog Leap Studios Bounces Back with Another Hot Jam

Leo over at Frog Leap Studios has been a PreSonus advocate for some time now, and he’s been producing these acoustic covers of mainstream hits for probably even longer. His songs (and videos!) offer consistently high production quality, performance chops, and good humor, and they’re all produced on a StudioLive 16.4.2. Here’s Leo taking on the Jackson 5ive hit, “Blame it on the Boogie.”

What I’m supposed to blame The Boogie for isn’t exactly clear, but I have to confess that I have a hard time staying mad at it.  Thanks Leo, for infecting us with your funky fever.


StudioLive 16.0.2: It’s Not Just for Audio Geeks Anymore!

I like this trend, but I can’t explain it—we’ve got the boys in marketing looking into it. Somehow the StudioLive 16.0.2 has become a hit with the self-proclalimed “geek” community, as this is the 2nd video we’ve found this week that features nerds enthusiastically trumpeting its virtues. Love it!

We got some kind praise from what may strike some as an unlikely source: the bespectacled, thumb-callused ne’er-do-wells over at GeekGamer.TV, who I imagine Rodney Orpheus may be in cahoots with. The StudioLive 16.0.2 was chosen as the Pick of the Week in their recent video! They give a bit of a feature breakdown that very plainly illustrates how intuitive the board is to use for analog loyalists, while taking advantage of the flexible power of digital audio.

I gotta ask: what is a Geek Gamer, exactly? Isn’t that kind of like a Guitar Playing Guitarist?  Or a Vehicular Motorist?