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June 12,2012

photo 3

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Posted by Ryan Roullard

  • Yudy

    to myself Why do I need this liltte box when I have my 003 rack? Until Joe had podcast about how he uses a external preamp and that it helps boost the vocals without having to crank up your gain on you interface. So I decided to try it and it was amazing the difference! Before I had my gain on my 003 past 12 O’clock! with the preamp I have it at like 10 O’clock I have a question. My brother was doing a project for someone and he got a Presonus DigiMAX D8. He didn’t end up needing it for this project so he gave it to me. He said I could use it as an extra channel strip but it says its a preamp. Question can I use it as another channel strip? and is it a good preamp?Nate.