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Streaming System Sound from MacOS X to Presonus StudioLive via Firewire

June 1,2012

Very clever! Markusgalla over at YouTube has found a way to stream your Mac’s audio into any channel of your StudioLive using a tool called “SoundFlower,” which is what I believe is what happens when a SoundCloud drops some SoundRain on the SoundGrass.

English speakers may choose to make use of the provided subtitles. What sort of applications can you think of for this? The possibilities are quite limitless.

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Posted by Ryan Roullard

  • Damion

    I’ve been doing the same thing since my church got our 16.4.2 using the native Mac Audio MIDI setup application that hangs out in the Applications/Utilities. You can do the exact same thing although, the initial setup isn’t as intuitive. The nice thing about using the native application is that once it’s setup, the system will automatically reroute your system sound through the firewire channels whenever you connect the firewire cable.

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