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Using the StudioLive 16.4.2 with Pro Tools 9

Hey Pro Tools users! Al Tee put together this really helpful video about using the PreSonus StudioLive 16.4.2 in conjunction with Pro Tools 9. There’s a lot of knowledge packed into these eight minutes! Check it out.

  • Paul Bruno

    I just bought the 16.0.2 about a week ago. How can I control pro tools 10 and use the settings from the mixer in pro tools?

  • Hey Don, we’ll need more info to help out with that—please contact our tech support team here:

  • Don Papi

    with protools 10hd

  • Don Papi

    having problems with the track when i’m recording cant hear the artist when i’m recording

  • Paul Bruno

    Thank you. You guys rock! 😀

  • Connect the Monitor outputs of the StudioLive to the Analog Inputs on the Central Station. 🙂

  • Paul Bruno

    How would I connect my Presonus Central Station to the 16.0.2?

  • Yes indeed!

  • Paul Bruno

    is the connection the same on Windows 7?

  • Sorry, the StudioLive mixers do not function as DAW control surfaces… Check out the FaderPort!

  • Allan Sanders

    I have the 16.0.2 Is it possible to control the protools volume levels for each channel using the studiolive? My faders on the studiolive won’t control the faders in pro tools, maybe it’s my I/O setup that’s wrong…….If thats not possible, is it possible with any other versions of the studiolive or other DAWs?

  • Joe Davis

    Will it work with Pro Tools 8 LE? Or just 9 and above?