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Anthony Demaria Labs discussing The Presonus ADL 600 Tube Mic Pre

April 16,2012

SoundPure studios posted this video a bit ago featuring Anthony Demaria taking us on a detailed tour of the ADL 600, our top-of-the-line microphone preamp. Anthony designed the unit, so there’s really no one more qualified on the planet to give the talk you see here.

This presentation gets a little in-depth—beyond the usual “sounds warm and punchy” rigamaroll—but bear with it, there’s something here for everyone. Fact is, if you’re considering buying an ADL 600, you likely mean business… and these sort of details really matter to a guy like you. And if you’re not yet considering buying an ADL 600, you may learn a thing or two about preamps. Big thanks to Anthony and Sound Pure Studios for sharing!

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Posted by Ryan Roullard

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