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November 11,2011

Rick, Johnny, and Ashley take us through the paces of  controlling a StudioLive 24.4.2 mixer with an iPad running StudioLive Remote.  The iPad interface controls a laptop running Virtual StudioLive, (VSL)  which in turn controls the mixer. After a brief introduction to getting the iPad and laptop talking to each other, Rick takes a hike while Johnny shouts a lot.  How far do you think Rick can walk away with the iPad without breaking the wireless connection?

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Posted by Ryan Roullard

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  • T. Hightower

    This App is great on the IPad. Will you be making it for other tablets?


    This App is great with the Ipad. Will you be making this App for other tablets?


    This is a great App for the IPad. Will you be developing this App for the other tablets?

    Thank You,

  • Sergey

    Ya. Was surprised for this megahack – remote desktop for MAC… looked strange. But fromthe viewpoint of quick software solution – solid :)).

  • Airton Silva

    Because this video is now new. I don´t know why they re-posted it, but it´s a bit old.

  • Rick

    Great video!

    Got a question though – why are you using a screen share program and not the StudioLive Remote app for the iPad?

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