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Jonathan Moffett and the PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2

April 27,2011

Paul Charbonnet
Mulisha Media
Justin Spence

We recently had the great fortune of sitting down with Jonathan Moffett. (AKA Micheal Jackson’s drummer!) It was a wonderful opportunity to sit down with one of the best of the best and discuss drum tuning, his current projects, and his tips and tricks regarding the PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 Jonathan, thanks much for sharing your time and wisdom!

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Posted by pcharbonnet

  • Gabrisapiens

    Excellen video, i want to know wich camera they used for the video (the alternative moving camera, not the stan camera or the console camera, the moving camera inside of the studio) Is that a Canon 5D?

    Am a drumer and that mixer is amazong to record big drums like that, mine is a little big too, but only one bassdrum, lol.


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