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Daisy Chaining StudioLive 16

March 9,2011

Paul Charbonnet
Mulisha Media
Justin Spence

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Posted by pcharbonnet

  • stage rage

    I have 2 16-4-2 daisy chained. My partner in crime, went right out and bought a HP laptop, (high end). It does not have firewire 400. If you could, please give me the info I need to make this happen. The research I have come up with says it is not possible. And so far I have not seen anything on your web site that would help me correct this problem. I am also having issues with the master consul dropping out while in use, providing us with a very big bang. I have bands booked through out the week. It would be great to hear from preSonus as soon as possible please.

  • tikho

    Can I put two StudioLive 16 Daisy Chaining to use the first remote control another it

  • tikho

    Can I put the first two Daisy Chaining to use another remote control does?

  • sonicfire

    @Gabriel Picazo: you can´t (at least not through firewire). you would need an audiointerface then (or two).

  • Gabriel Picazo

    Hello. Great Video.Can you Daisy Chain two StudioLive 24 and record 48 channels? Thank you

  • Leslie van der Veen

    Hi Justin. Great video. Can you please explain how you set up the drummers side-fill please. (little grey on top here!!)

  • Wylo Lopez

    Hello. I am a music arranger/song writer-producer from the Philippines. I am planning to but a Presonus StudioLive in the near future. I just wana know if the New Apple iMac firewire 800 compatible with the studioLive 16.4.2 firewire 400?
    Your rpely would be a great help. Thank you so much Presonus.

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