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StudioLive Laptop Mix Down… with a extra flat.

November 18,2010

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Posted by PreSonus

  • Anonymous

    Your product destroyed my brand new 1000 dollar computer. Thank you for your piece of shit product and your ghetto website that has no email contacts that can actually be accessed or a phone number that actually works

  • Brent

    Real world video with real world gear. Real good video.

  • ricknaqvi

    Thanks man! It was a long night. But nonetheless, I'm glad we got it on video just for a good laugh later on!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds GREAT! Breakdown was the easist part of the night. Used to live in Baton Rouge and I know the route you took. I prayed to NEVER breakdown on Ponch bridge, not easy to get help and especially at that time of the morning!

    Fives to You and all that participated!

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