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Virtual Sound Check with Studio One and StudioLive 24 – Justin Spence

August 6,2010

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  • Sy Kurian

    I have a question. If I cascade two studioive 24.4.2s, can I control them remotely using the Ipad app? If not, what’s the best way to control the mixers remotely? Can I use another lapttop (loaded with Universal app) instead of an Ipad? I have late model Macbooks that I can use.

    Please respond at your earliest convenience.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Justin I noticed you were saying that you can assign a 31 band EQ to the monitors. This must be an upgrade that I wasn't aware of as I only have the EQ to mains on my 16.4.2 Is this in the latest software download of VSL? I use the virtual mix fuction as well and it's cool.

    Keep up the good work guys


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