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Recording 48 Tracks with Studio One and the FireStudio

  • Ino

    [..YouTube..] Hi Baz, great video, I’ve been following you for some time on You Tube and I think you are a very genunie guy. I would definitely join you in any business. Sorry for the late feedback, have been so busy. Your location looks beautiful, keep up the great work, best wishes, Catherine ? ? ?

  • Brent

    Thanks for making this video.

    I used work for mid-sized and mega churches as Director of Media Ministries, Audio Engineer, etc. We used Radars and ProTools HD most of the time. These systems required more gear and larger budgets.

    This type of video is great for people to see. They can see that good sounding productions can be made for less money, on systems that are just as reliable and in some cases bit less complicated.

    Tastefully done. Good job.

  • Maurice

    Hi Rick,

    Thats a impressive rig !! I saw 3 studiolives on the backtabel. Was that the FOH ? Are going to let us listen to some (mixed and mastered) sound samples of this recording ?